DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


My window is blacked out in there so I can’t even let any outside light in there.


Yeah lol that’s me. If I get any sleep it’s early morning. And my room is in the garage. So couldn’t get direct light to them no matter what. Plus lights out in the day will stay cooler during summer as well.


Just saw Electric Company truck go out the road. Checked power outage map online says only 12 of us without out power. Hell ain’t but about 12 of us on this 2 mile stretch of back road.


That’s how I run 6am off to 6pm with my seedling tent running when the lights are off in the flower tent. Been working so far but today was maybe 10f


Woohoo power just came back on cool.


I’ve been thinking about adding a little heater to mine and put it on my pump timer. Then set that timer to be on during lights out.


Still waiting for UPS to show up. They usually hit our area around 5pm.


When I bought, I couldn’t do more than an ounce a month typically. Unless I got shit weed, and had no choice, but to get more. With these girls, a great high from day one, and just going to get better. I’m not sure how long an oz will last me now. Best case scenario 7 months. That gives me 4 months before the move! Then still needing to grow after the move. Might have to start a new one in a month or two.


Hahahahaha. 4-7 months off an ounce? I get these girls to harvest… i complete expect to smoke ~a zip a week :joy::joy: of course i smoke ~that now


Well if it were me i’d do it before you pack up the tent and everything. That way you will have either enough or at least you’ll know by the time that grow finishes how much you need a month to get by.

@PurpNGold74 he has 7 ounces so a ounce a month lol

That’s my hope is to stay at an ounce a month as well. But only time will tell.


Choo Choo, smoke a Rollin’.


Ahhh thats much better. Lol thought my math was boinkd


Haha definitely. Its me and my father in house. But yup. We roll blunts. N go to work/get off diff times. So always a blunt in the ashtray


First grow, We went through all 10 ounces in 2.5 months :disappointed_relieved:


More like my type of smoking!

Plus i wanna dabble in edibles? 10 oz wont last…


Lol yeah it was missing info for those that didn’t know.

Thankfully it’s just me and some for @Haildamaged so he can test out the skunks. So it’ll all come down to how little can I use and be able to function. And of course make some edibles or capsules for night time.


My wife was born into it, the can burn up an ounce between 3 of them one night no. Whole reason to start growing , 150 dollar a WK lowend.


No, I have 8 oz total, but trying to use an ounce a month. That’d give me maybe 7 months of cannabis.

7 months because of going over a bit here or there. Gotta do what I gotta do


If I do end up growing one more before the move. I’m gonna try and get a 600w light setup, and some 5 gallon pots. Got a bag of super soil here still, but will need one more I’d say. Maybe 2 WW ScrOG 5 gallon plants. Take my LST experience now, and do something cool with it. I’d build my screen this time though.

Update: might try and germinate 4, and if 4 germinate, it’ll just be a shorter veg time for them. Fill screen 80% and flip lights.


Sounds like a good plan. Plus you’ll only have half the down time between this grow and moving so it’ll be easier to remember everything.