DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


Thank you sir. I’m enjoying my time doing it. Especially once I stopped stressing over the runts lol. But even they’re bigger now than I thought they’d be.


Dude those look great. I sure hope they keep going. Very pretty plant.


One of my three was chewie cause was growing with some spots double node spacing. Had to top her further down for even canopy level. I had 3 ounces out of her, so got more yield, but was always an oddball from the other two.


I don’t want to jinx myself so I’m not going to say my guess on weight. But I think the two BS will cover the amount I need and then some to make it to another harvest. But i also fear they’re going to go a bit longer than planned.


I bet yours will end up going 12ish weeks or so.


That’s what I’m guessing. Just because they kept stretching so long. But the extra yield will be well worth the extra time.


i got ya covered big man so you know you dont have ta get in no big hurry i gots lots and will def, be at the 7 11 any time you holla


Much appreciated. Friday is my last appointment with the anti cannabis doc. I start with a new doc in January that’s supposed to be friendly. Although I’ll have to lower my pain pills but that’s what I want anyways.


It absolutely will. Autos that take long are still faster than most photos. :grinning:


Yeah it’s went by so fast already. Tomorrow is the end of week 7. But man are they potent smelling already. I’m going to need to buy a bigger carbon filter. Mine can’t keep up with their stink. My wife is starting to get grumpy about it and it gets worse daily lol. And if I even spend ten minutes in the room with them my clothes reek of skunk lol.


I’m worried about wanting to wait and grow after the move. Problem is running out, I might end up growing one more harvest to get me through. To the legal state.


Damn Doob. Power went out here. Hope it’s not out to long…


Oh dang. You got bad weather out there?


Yeah you’re going to need to do something. Or some serious rationing.


Not yet. Might get some freezing rain by morning. But wind isn’t even blowing right now.


Wtf that’s not good. We get the freezing rain every year. But they’re pretty good at keeping power going. Knock on wood it’s been a few years since we had a outage that lasted more than a couple hours.


Not sure if a transformer blew somewhere or someone hit a pole out on the main road.


Hopefully they can get it back on quick. it’s lights out during the day for me just for heat. And usually if they do any repairs or upgrades they try to do it in the daytime so heat can be back on by dark around here.


Power outages are my biggest fear. My girls would pitch a bish fit. Yall b safe fellas


Yeah I’m probably gonna do lights out from 6am - 6pm that way lights are on at night when temp drops and I’m up all night anyway. And I can get in there during that time.