DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


I haven’t received it. I’ll check again


She grew so fast for me, I didn’t have time to feed mine that way. Lol! All others got their extended veg feeds/transition/bloom. That’s actually how stitch says to do his super autos, too.


Yeah I think some just refuse to follow along. I was nervous mine were going to do that since they showed pistils in the middle of week 3.


Your autos are cranking. They intrigue me so I grabbed the mix pack. I’m keen as mustard to see what I can do with them


Well best advice I can give is to pamper them for the first couple weeks. They need to be treated gently and if you do they explode. Granted not all will but that’s the hope.


If I had a drill press, I’d Co Sider making a wood pipe out of sassafras wood. Not sure if good for that, but would have a nice flavor I think


Hey @DoobieNoobie,
Girls are really looking great and tall my tallest is only 31, I’m running out if tent, thinking of tying her over a little, my tent is only 6 ft .
Thanks for hooking me up on that journal I was looking for, I’ve got you both set to watching so I don’t get left behind, lol.


Mine has a tendency to run away with chat at times lol. I had to get my ladder out to raise my lights over the biggest girl because i can’t reach it anymore so I left my front panel up and took this picture. I’ll measure her in a minute but she was at 40 inches yesterday.

Edit: maybe I was wrong on height. I need to go back up to previous posts because she’s at 41.5 inches today.

Edit #2 lol she was almost 41 inches yesterday so only slightly over a half inch of growth. So hopefully she’s about done. And my plants look great after removing some leaves. The front one really can tell the difference in some of the branches that took off now that they have good light.


I don’t know. One of the videos I watched listed off the best woods to use. But I can’t remember which ones they said. But I guess it’s because some woods have higher heat resistance to keep from smoldering.


Some are also toxic so check on that. I remember researching it once a while back. Never did make my pipe. Curly maple makes a pretty pipe.


@DoobieNoobie Reds are looking like they want to git going thanks for the gift even have some red in the new leaf :grinning:


What a contrast of Indica and Sativa, nice! Those skunks are nice big bushes!

Yea getting tight here, too. Thinking of pulling here to the side like this.whatya think.


Should be alright. You’re not putting a lot of stress on it.


Them skunks are growing like weeds, lol.


Can’t count all the deer antler bowls I’ve had throughout the years. In fact the nephew and I made 4 last year…


Right, don’t want to crack it that’s for sure.


i got a few racks out back from last year may make somethin when i get time lol.


I’ve made a few of those. I find sheds in the spring when mushroom hunting. I also shoot them so have some laying around I need to get back into making some.


Whew! Finally caught up! Very nice work, my friend. :clap: :clap: :clap: Keep it up, and finish them out! The BS is looking incredible…just beautiful. You definitely have a knack for this. :+1: :v:


Absolutely, I have never looked into it. Just if possible, I’d like to do a sassafras pipe.