DoobieNoobie's DIY light and RDWC grow


I want that one to. The all black. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I can’t wait to get it. I got it so my husband can give it to me for Xmas. Lol


Hahah I see you have the same arrangement we have. I’ll order it she wraps it lol. Same for her.


At least everyone gets what they want that way.


Exactly. And buying anything clothes related never ended well for me. I can order or buy the exact size she wears and there’s a 90% chance it won’t fit. I swear every brand of women’s clothes are different size charts. So either we do this or we end up having to return or swap everything out. It’s just so much easier. And better than just giving a gift card.


I agree completely!


I saw those when I was catching up on my reading. I ordered 2 boxes. I figured some stuff I’d put in friends Christmas gift bags. Can’t wait to see whats in mine


I bought one for a friend’s birthday and he loved it. It was pretty surprising what all was in the bigger box. Definitely worth the money.


Nice mystery box Bro. I want one of these.


That’s pretty cool. I haven’t seen one like that.


Think they’ll ship to aus?


Yeah it grabbed my attention. 1st saw it in the ad in white. Then saw the 2 wood colors and liked the lighter wood color. Now all I have to do is get a rockin’ chair for the porch. Lol


I’m sure they would but I don’t know how bad shipping price would be. They used to have their shipping prices listed. If not them maybe Hemper would.


Hahah it would make a nice kick back and relax pipe.


That was my thought when I saw it. Plus I like to be different and not always follow the normal trends.


Not to mention it doesn’t look like anything but a regular old pipe.


That was another plus. Hell if they had one that looked like a corn cob pipe I’d get it to. Lol…


Lol I saw a how to video on making pipes out of wood. I thought about making one just for fun. @ARGrower makes them to if I remember right. But I prefer glass over anything else if smoking.


I’ve always preferred bowls no matter what they were made out of. Take a hit cover it with a lighter nothing wasted…


You got mail Bro.