DoobieNoobie's 1st grow and DIY light build


Well I guess I should’ve started this as I was building my light but I’ll run through the basics anyways. The light is 3 sections 18"x23.25". Each section has 8 560mm Samsung strips. Each ran on a HLG 185-1050B driver.

Used heat sinks from heatsinkusa and 1" U channel for the end pieces and for driver mounting.

I totally forgot to order potentiometers for dimming so I’ll wire them in next week and mount them after the first grow is over.

No pictures of seeds in water but I dropped 2 Bloody skunk auto and 2 Red Poison autos a couple hours ago. I’m still putting the finishing touches on my grow room and will post those in a few days for the big reveal lol. Big thanks to everyone here but especially @elheffe702 @Budbrother for giving me the surety of going for this as I was still uncertain when I joined here. @dbrn32 and @Aolelon for lighting help. And for all the good conversation @blackthumbbetty @raustin @PurpNGold74 @Whodat66 tags to be continued lol.


@Wildwest @Haildamaged and well I can’t think right now. I’ll add more later. Sorry for anyone I’m missing. Just been a busy day so far and still got more work to do. But at least I got seeds in water so that’s a good day already.


Yay, your first grow! You’re going to do great, and you know we’re all here for you if you have a problem. Congrats on that sexy light too.


Thank you much! I’m so excited I keep peeking in on the seeds lol. I’m betting this is like the watched pot doesn’t boil kinda thing lol.


I 2nd what @raustin said :ok_hand: you got this!


You got it …and remember I’m not far away got all the good that would do you. and congrats on going for it
Happy grow y’all



O yes I forgot I’m starting solo cup only growshould be fun details later I am at my lake house in eufaula home tomorrow


Nice, enjoy the lake day. Little cool but better than staying in the city for the weekend.


Awesome! Best of luck with them, I’ll switch to watching.


Here and watching, sir! :+1:


It’s about time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Looking forward to seeing what you & those lights can do.

No pressure or anything.


Lol no pressure at all :sweat: Dropped the seeds earlier into ph’d water with a capful of peroxide in the water. 3 out of 4 have sank so into paper towels they went. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll have some tails and I’ll prep my rockwool cubes as soon as I get up.

Bloody skunk first to sink.

Red Poison about an hour later. I’m not really sure how damp to make the paper towels so I just added about a shot glass worth of water since that’s what they were in. They aren’t dripping wet but are damp. Paper towels are in a ziplock baggie then inside a dish on a high shelf in by cabinet where the temps are stable.


Its that time man! Sending nothing but good vibes that way. :beers: to a awesome grow. Set to watching.

P. S. What kind of lights are those? :wink::joy:


Ahhh yeah! The future gonna be bright :sunglasses:


Those are tanning bed lights repurposed lol at least that what it looks like when they’re on lol.

No tails yet but the temps dropped here a bit so I’m going to move them into the cabinet with my wifi router and see if that helps


3 out of 4 have a teeny tiny little tail. I guess I’ll give them till tomorrow to open up a little more then move them into rockwool under a CFL bulb.


no ruff stuff w/ them tails now.


Yeah I’d move them into cubes tonight but they’re so tiny I can’t tell which way they’re going to go. I’ll check them once more before heading to bed. If they’re longer I’ll stay up.


Taproot down … And I see how it is …lol jk watching bro


It’s been a crazy busy weekend. Usually only Saturday morning is my busy weekend day. This weekend sucked I didn’t get nearly as much done as I needed to. Thankfully I have a full day to finish up the small details on my room. Should be able to share a few pictures tomorrow night.

I still need to tag more people but I’ll wait until tomorrow night when I got more pictures to share.

@fano_man what I mean with the root in all the pictures I’ve seen it looks like it kind of unfolds from the seed. All I have so far is a tiny white tip sticking out of the seeds. So by waiting a little longer I can be sure it’s going the right direction. Probably being overly paranoid but they’re my first babies and I want them to be perfect. I hope the last seed will show something by tomorrow.

And when I say tiny I mean like 1/16 of an inch at most.