Doobienoobie Mars Hydro vs DIY light grow

So I’m getting the next grow up and going. For this round Mars Hydro provided me with a Sp-150 light to test out. It’ll be taking the spot of one of my Samsung strip lights that I built. Grow will have 2 Northern Lights autos and 2 gorilla glue autos. One of each on each side to see if or how much of a difference there is. I’ll also be sharing some pics of a GG4 clone that @Haildamaged gave me which is a monster already.
Here’s the Mars light

Heres the new babies and here’s some root porn on the clone.

Let’s get this party started. @blackthumbbetty @daz49 @raustin @dbrn32 @Missiles @boardsbird @JD419WhyWait @OldSchoolGrower
Sorry for anyone I’m missing. I’ll add more later I’m stoned af right now and can’t think lol.


Lucky fella, good for you brother, it’s already looking good


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Thanks. I’m still working on a room addition that’s more than double my current room. So I’m hoping to triple my plant count in a couple weeks. That’s if I can find a way to light it of course. But at least the room will be ready and all I’ll need to do is add lights and plants as I can afford to.


Sounds great my friend, the lights are a great start for you, you’ll easily have a perpetual grow going and never be with out bud again, I want to move all of mine down stairs this year, 2 of my brothers said they would help me out moving it all in the summer


Yeah that’s the hope. That and strain hunting to find what works best for me. And hopefully help a few others as well along the way.


That’s a good plan brother, I should be closer to my perpetual grow when it all moves downstairs, and you’re right it’s just finding the best strains for your own needs


Congrats on the new journal, new plant additions and expansion of your grow room Doobie! I’m excited for you it’s always nice to be able to add to your grow. All your babies are looking great so far :wink:. And I cannot get over the root porn on the hydros that is just unbelievable to me. You would never think all them roots we’re down in there! Thank you for the tag and I’ll be watching :wink:


Set to watching as well thinking of doing a bucket soon.


Thanks for tag and best of luck!


nice Doob my GGA is a beast just like that GG4 clone lots of branches and Bud sites good hear your up and grow’n i just potted 5 SSF clones and 5 critical orange crush clones … 2 days ago i didnt see any roots but this morning here they are

been doing this for my pots works good its a air filter

and clones

this is a white widow from seed i found in my harvest this fall looks like it a auto lol yea!

got work today so yall have fun happy grow’n yall …jimmie


Watching I’m sure it’ll be another phenomenal grow. What’s the actual on the Mars, or do they tell you the HID equivalent??

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That is one sexy light! I’m watching, god luck with the grow.


I am here watching

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HID equivalent is a terrible statement. True watts are all that matter. This is the smaller one it’s 134 watts. No fans or anything wasting power. And it stays cool enough to touch even when running non stop. It’s definitely a step up from the blurples in my non scientific opinion.


Thanks for the tag, I’ll be following along. I’m anxious to see how your northern lights turn out :v::green_heart:


Ohhh Intrested!
What’s the specs on your DIY light what did you use to build it?
This mars hydro looks interesting, @dbrn32 how does this compare with the QB 135? I see PPFD on the mars hydro but not on the QB. Although I see this on the QB I’m just not sure how to make full sence of it.
Lamp Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 2.44 µmol/J , 162Lm/W

Board Level Efficacy with S6 Flux bin 2.61 µmol/J , 173Lm/W

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My lights are 200 watts each. I had help from @dbrn32 to get the right parts. They’re all on heatsink from heatsinkusa and aluminum U channel for the end pieces. 8 of the Samsung F series 560mm strips on each section.


That looks easy to make once you source the aluminum (probably get it from home. Depot or Lowe’s?) probably saved you a bunch of money

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Looking forward to seeing if there’s a noticeable difference in growth between the 2 lights.

Going for a few pounds, this time?

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