Don't want to rush the flush


Well it’s the town idiot again.

Despite all my efforts to kill off I’ve got what turns out to be an Amnesia Haze getting close to harvest time. The pistils are virtually 100% orange/amber and the trichomes 100% cloudy today. So I’m looking for some pretty precise help with closing the grow out on this plant. What I want to get to 60% - 70% amber trichomes for a more “medicinal” high but still not turn into a dishrag lying around the house either. Not that this moostly Sativa strain is going allow too much leaning toward couch lock I guess. But I’m not ashamed to say that my experience at this phase will fit in a measuring cup with room for just about 8 oz. of water.

So I want to figure out pretty much when and how much to back off on feeding and guaging about time to flush as this is a dirt grow. I hope someone out there has some experience with this strain and can lend a little advice.

As always: Peace and Happy Toking.


Well my friend; 1st thing I would address is that there is no way that you have 100% cloudy. Before you got to that point, you would see amber trichomes; Not a bad thing though.

I would look again. I think you may be ready to flush and harvest.

You also said you do not want to be a Zombie…LOL; So I would not want 70% amber. You would smoke and go tom sleep.

I promise you; If you truly see all trichomes cloudy. Harvest; After a good flush !!!



As always thanks so very much for the great tutelege. Here’s some pics of the plant. The white you see is plain baking (bicarb) soda, we had an invasion of Lady Bugs over last Friday and the weekend so I wound up powdering most of my garden and these plants. My son has a friend with a friend that has been growing guerilla in the Ozarks for 40+ years–and we’re talking bales not baggies–put us onto the baking soda. It worked like a charm and either rain or a light spraying washes it right off with, according to Farmer John zero effect on the quality/taste of the smoke.

Don’t know how much if any detail you make out in the pics but the plant, an Amnesia Haze, made some really nice, tight , and super sticky nuggs. Wish you could share a toke with me here in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, bro and Happy Toking.


From what I can see, they look great. Cannot figure out why you wanted to run of or kill Ladybugs~!? They do not harm the plant; They feast on all the pests that would destroy your crop.


You know, man, it’s all part of the misinformation, misconceptions and stupidity that’s embedded itself in “growing” knowledge base. Pretty much I fell into it by not thinking the whole situation through and just getting drawn along in a bugs ***equal*trouble mindset. Thankfully it turned out to be a no harm no foul situation. Yeah, the plants are doing great. The larger one is not forming colas very well or fast at all and they will be going into week 12 flowering next Tuesday. The smaller plant has killer nuggs on it, sugar all over the leaves andreally full tight buds.

The larger plant is showing just a bit of cola formation with lots of trichomes on the thumbnail sized buds and lots of sugar on the leaves but nothing spectacular for the plant to be better than waist high. Is it possible that this is all it will ever do? Again, I don’t know enough about anything to judge by. It’s supposed to be a Critical +47 strain which all the info I can find shows as having sort of long and slim but nicely filled out colas. Or, is it possible that it is just going to be soooo long flowering? The growing info says 5 - 6 weeks flowering.

As always big big thanks for the patience and great help.

Keep on toking, bro.


Here is the thing MCCP,

You are doing great. As long as you are patient; All will turn out fine. You will make mistakes, but many of them will not kill your plants. The only way to get past the wrong info out there, is to just keep learning

Make sure you always apply your methods in a consistent manner, and you will learn and become an expert at growing; “Your way”

Peace Bro


Latewood, you got it ,Bro.

Over 60+ years I’ve found that the only personal experience we ever learn from is our own. Or as my Dad says “Nobody is satisfied with the taste of their coffee until they have peed in it themselves”.

However, don’t take that to mean that every reply I have received, even to the dumbest of my questions, has been less than super helpful and greatly appreciated.

Toking and joking the best ways I know to releive stress.



Happy 4th Bro,

See you Monday. :slight_smile: Peace