Dont want to overreact

Ph issues. Or what. They are at like day 40. Flower. Constant temps 84. Day. 78 night not far from flushing but dont want to lose at last min. Just using very light nutrients. 3 part set up. Runnoff test is Extreamly tasking and messy. Designers flaw lol.

Please post pics taken in natural lighting. All we see is purple.


One second they just went dark. Think it be alight for a second?

Yep. Should be if the lights just went out.

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They did.

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Your plants look fine to me. You might feed a little less nitrogen, but other than that they look fine.

What do you see that worries you?


The coloring for one and the fact that the lower leaves had same happen and they died off. I havent fed hardly any nitrogen since. Switching to flower nutes. I am trying new additive. Its a 1 -34 -32. (Still new not putting product name out )

Oh and im using a hydropinc 3 part solution. In soil. So not sure what to expect.

This is perfectly normal in a healthy cannabis plant.


Ok thank you. A sigh of relief. Being color blind sucks too cause. Not sure of colors. That yhey are changing too. I appreciate you mid-west.

Lower leaves will die off as the plants produce bigger flowers. Usually this is totally normal.

New growth will also kinda look like lime green till they get older and start turning green. Normal as well.

I don’t see any issue to worry about. Those girls are going to be super frosty by how they look this early into flowering.

A caveat…as the plant gets bigger, the hungrier they will become and will need more nutrients generally at full dose should keep the plant and or plants happy. :+1:

Also another caveat. If you are not giving enough nutrients, they will cannibalize fan leaves for getting nutrients.


Thank you better late than not at all.
All the leaves have wilted. Buds super heavy. Would not stand up without the net. I broke this guy here off yesterday Sadly, But cave me a good look at trichomes