Don't quite understand

I thought I seen somewhere on you tube someone used epsom salt to do a flush? Does anyone know about this and it’s benefits

I couldn’t imagine why someone would do this, if there is a reason I would like to know it.

I could see following up a normal flush with a small of Epsom salt solution to reintroduce magnesium back into the soil

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The whole reason behind a flush is to get the extra salts out of the soil.


That’s what I thought but I’m sure I seen it cause I thought the same thing. I may be wrong that’s why I’m asking but I believe that’s how he did it. Some outdoor grower in calli had massI’ve plants

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I believe you man, that’s why I said I would like to know the reason, because I don’t know

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@Sirsmokes, @TDubWilly I saw something about that on the forum a few months back. Something about Epsom Salts rendering certain other salts more soluble: kind of like a Sledgehammer treatment. Never tried it.

Hmmmm, but then wouldnt you still have the abundance of the epsom to deal with?

I guess you wouldn’t if you followed the epsom flush with a normal flush but then your getting into allot of flushing

I do know that epsom salt is actually not a salt at all its just classified that because of its chemical compound I’m researching it now

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Sir smokes, I think I would stick with a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it attitude.

I’ve never had a normal flush let me down so…

But how much to use I remembered he just added a plastic cup of some sort into the 5 gal bucket for it but I would think it would gI’ve it a magnesium overdose

@TDubWilly that’s the problem I have never used neuts before so I don’t know what to do… I remembered that off the tip of my head. I have used ph water to flush to get my pH adjusted but never to remove salts to prevent a loclout (I don’t believe I have that) I’m just trting to figure out what and how I’m going to do this when the time comes.

If you have never used ant nutes why would you worry about flushing salts out?

Especially if you have already done a PH flush, I can guarantee not only do you not have any food for your plants in your soil right now but you don’t have any salts to flush out either

Not unless something else has gone into the soil you don’t know about

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@Sirsmokes hope this link is ok to post.

They are saying it’s a derivative of calcium sulfate which is more soluble than the calcium that come out of your pipes which are carbonates and bicarbonates.

I like experimenting, maybe I’ll give it a try
I can see the sledgehammer thinking @Myfriendis410
But it still doesn’t make sense to me because you still leave behind the magnesium in the soil for the plant to continually keep using.
I dunno, it’s never crossed my mind to try so I’ve never researched a thing about it.

Yeah, I’m not sure it’s something you’d do in general. Only if there was an issue.

Also, maybe like Sledgehammer you hit it with a small quantity of the product first then follow with a regular flush.

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You know there’s a video on you tube that claims… grain of “salt” Some of these people are sick puppies who get an extreme amount of joy into tricking people into doing something they shouldn’t.

Not saying that is the case here, just in general food for thought.

Boy I’m cliche heavy tonight!


If you’re high enough, your thoughts would make you starve. Deep thoughts. :sunglasses::thinking:

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You can add it as a magnesium supplement
But flushing with it doesn’t make sense
10x pots size with ph water or using a product like sledgehammer to break up excess nutrients in soil are the best ways to flush imo
I could see them maybe finishing a flush with it if there’s a issue they where trying to correct ?


Thanks so by this if I grow in 2 gallon then flush it with 20 gallons of ph water? How long before harvest do you flush? And when is the last time you feed them? @Countryboyjvd1971 sorry as stated above I have never used neuts so I’m trying to get mt ducks in a row before that time comes so I have a plan

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