Don't make this mistake! My O.G. Kush clone went to seed



Have my flower room going and I noticed my O.G. Kush clone’s buds were really heavy. This is Eight weeks into flowering. Upon further inspection. I noticed a seed. Then later another. A big fat one. It then occurred to me that it had seeded so, I pulled it and it is hanging in my closet. It was 40 days into flower. Then I saw ALL three of the O.G. Kush plants had seeded. So, they are now hanging in my closet.
Now, why did they seed? My IGLM Afghan is still fine. Well, one theory I have is, it is a clone from a feminized plant from my disastrous first grow.
I just bought a light set, threw some feminized seeds in a pot with some O.K. soil, used hydro nutrients instead of soul nutrients and they stayed small for months.
At 5 months old I had light burned them and had used crappy soil in a plastic pot.
Most just died when I went to flower.
The ones that survived budded and gave me a small return. No seeds.
This was one of the O.G. Kush clones that I cut before they went into flower.
On my next grow, I used all FF soil, nutrients and cloth pots.
Well everything has exploded since then. My clones have become huge and my new seedings have gotten so big I have had to start flowering them both after two months into veg and expand my flower room. Too big!
Was it the stress that caused this one plant to seed?
Was it because the original plant vegged for so long?
Will it cross pollinate my other plants?
I haven’t dried her to see the extent of the seeds.
Any comments? Thanks! She looks great!

ILGM and their genetics!

You probably stressed them into becoming hermies. It’s ok though, its a great learning lesson!



This happened to me last month with a WW clone. It makes you wonder if the seeds are any good…


These were NOT ILGM seeds. Apologies for not mentioning that. My first planting almost all died and I tried to save them. What I did not know is that if you stress your plants out they can pollinate themselves. I think it was a stressed clone from another expensive feminized seed plant, that hermied out and pollinated the other plants. My first attempt that almost died.
Only the O.G. Kush seeds got pollinated. I got those from another reputable seed bank in Amsterdam.
The IGLM plants are still seedless.
I sprayed water and cleaned my flower room to kill any residual pollen. Then I have the fans and dehumidifier to keep them dry.
Any advice? Hopefully my ILGM seeds will be unaffected.
I have had such great luck with ILGM seeds, that I think I will keep them as my “go to” seed bank.
The FF soil and nutrients have made a big difference as well.
Also, the try and fail method.


And now I have feminized seeds? The weird thing is it showed only weird leaf growth as a sign.


So, it looks like stress can ruin our gardens. Will O.G. Kush and Afghan cross pollinate?


Yeah some plants can have a couple of “stress seeds”. It does not mean they have turned hermie. Hermie will produce flower pods (bananas/balls!!) which is the only way that you would end up cross pollinating you Afghani. I’d say they are just stress seeds and won’t seed your crop, just have a good look for pollen sacks and pull them off before they flower and then pollinate.


I can’t guarantee they’re fem seeds, but I definitely recommend that you give them a go to see! Some of the best plants I’ve grown have been bag seeds, or random seeds in nugs that I’ve bought!



I would lean more towards a light issue or just the genetics …but mainly a light issue …because I have put my plants through hell and never forced to hermi like everybody says is possible … I have had it happen to me but it was due to light leaks coming through my air conditioner which were little pinhole light leaks and then I’ve had others that seeded out on me due to the fact that I left them in flower for 16 weeks and of course a healthy plant at 16 weeks into flower will no doubt try to regenerate itself no matter what… :wink:
I would definitely try to grow the seeds … there is a possibility of cross-pollination between any plants in the room for sure depending on how your setup is and what kind of fans you have moving air… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Thanks! It is a room built inside of a room. It circulates normal house air. I have an intake fan, an outtake fan, and two fans inside. It is completely light tight. I use to build darkrooms. I have put an air purifier and have a dehumidifier in it. I take the air purifier out at night because of the light. The dehumidifier is around the corner in the closet area and has virtually no light except the display which I cover. I have sat in there for about an hour and there is no light. I think what happened was a clone from a dying plant hermied and pollinated the ones right next to her. The others don’t seem to be affected. I will do this batch then start completely over with new seeds I think. I also had to figure out a way to flush them without moving them back and forth to the bathtub. So I set up some 2x4’s about 8" off the floor and put drainage pans below. I also got some of that hammered mylar 6ml light tight sheets to reflect. I flower until the pistils start to turn. I’m thinking 10 weeks. It says 76 days.


I know this is an old post, but I just keep finding more and more evidence telling me I did good to save all my bag seeds. I can’t wait to try some.