Don't know what's this has been since it started

So my auto’s are 64 days old, so one of they are in there 9th week of life. This deficiency has been with me for a few weeks now because I thought I dealt with it already. I thought it was a magnesium deficiency for a bit and did something to help it, it stopped for a while then starting to very slowly do more damage to the same leafs. It might be a little too late because it’s in flower but I need to know what this is and fix it next time.

•Lights-150w LED light from wall

•5 gallon fabric pots

•MotherEarth Coco-coir + Perlite

•General hydroponics FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom, and Cal-Mag(Not no more)

•I make the humidity stay around 40-55%

•The temperature stays 23-25 degrees Celsius
with light on and 20-22 with light off

•My feed schedule for week 9 for this plant is
2mL’s of FloraMicro and 4 mL’s of FloraBloom per gallon.(I cut the Cal-Mag and the Gro, I haven’t feed it yet also)

•I feed my plants with my tap water with a pH of 5.5-6.5

•I don’t have a ppm meter so I don’t know what my water’s ppm is at

If you want to see my full feed schedule I will post it in the comments.

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Also my top leafs are pretty dark, I don’t know if that is a problem or not.

My first week I just fed pH balanced water
W2-4: Cal-Mag- 2mL
Micro- 2.5mL
Gro- 2.5mL
Bloom- 1mL

W5-6: Cal-Mag- 2mL
Micro- 2mL
Gro- 1mL
Bloom- 2mL

W7-8: Cal-Mag- 2mL
Micro- 2mL
Gro- .5 mL
Bloom- 2mL

W9-10: Cal-Mag- 0mL
Micro- 2mL
Gro- 0mL
Bloom- 4mL


Any help is appreciated and thank you.


Let me get an auto expert in here. @Not2SureYet are you around?

It sounds like a moderate feed schedule but a couple of questions:

how much airflow across plants?
When did you flush last?

You really need a ppm meter; they’re so cheap there really isn’t an excuse. Also; what PH meter are you using?

Older fan leaves will die off and self prune. This looks more like possible phosphorus (K) deficiency. Discontinuing the Gro is smart right now.

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If you need to cal mag at every feeding or watering. If you are not as it looks like you added above. I would start using 5 ml or 1 tsp per gallon till you are back on track. I use 2.5ml normally all through the grow. Often I have to up it to 5ml in parts of flower.
This is just my O2 but you are starving this too. i feed on the light side. But you are feeding less than I feed my autos. I use coco and GH nutes too. You should still be feeding the grow also. Below is a chart I made for how I feed. You should be feeding at 1/2 to 3/4 strength by now. With out a ppm meter. You are pretty much lost. Your run off will give you info you need a well. I use a cheap one like the link below. It has been going for over 2 years with no problems. :slightly_smiling_face:
I would also control your ph a little tighter. Try and keep it between 5.8 and 6.1 You can go up or down. But you will get the best results in this window. Feel free to tag me if you have any questions. I have only used coco and GH nutes. So I am pretty comfortable with them.
I would be feeding at number 6 or 7 on the chart though if you are in pre flower or 10 - 11 for flower. I will try and get my new feed schedule posted later. I stop using the grow about the last third of flower. I hope this may help a little


I have a fan at base level with the pots, kinda pointing upwards, it’s all I have that’s small enough to fit in there, with a hole above the lights that lets hot air out and fresh air in. But it gets the job done so it’s all I need for now. I flushed two feedings ago, couple of days ago. To be honest I am still pretty new to this and I didn’t even know that you needed a ppm meter, but yes there is no excuse for not getting one.

Thanks for the help😊


@Not2SureYet I knew there was some stuff that I messed up, so you are saying to use Cal-Mag alot more when I am feeding and just by itself or with other nutrients? Am still pretty new to this so please bear with me, and when you say to do 1/4 strength of something, do I base that off the basic application table from general hydroponics on these nutrients? I know I screwed this grow but this was more of a test run, to gain some actual knowledge about growing.

When I started I didn’t have everything I needed to grow a successful plant(I still don’t), but I learned some stuff so if I could figure out what is the problem with this plant and prevent it from happening next time. And how to fix it, there is no excuse for not getting a ppm meter, I will need to get one pretty quick.

Thanks for the help and info, may still need alot of help in the future.


One thing he caught and I blew off is coco sequesters calcium and magnesium so you have to supplement with cal mag and flush periodically as the coco tends to give up those elements in large amounts, causing excess.

Your leaf issue could well be magnesium def but they are hungry and need to be fed per the schedule @Not2SureYet showed you. They are definitely hungry.


Ask any questions you have. I was given a ton of help when I got here. I have never grown a plant before that. For my chart.1/4 equals 1.25ml A tsp is 5ml.
You still have a ways to go before this one is done. You should have plenty of time to sort things out. And your next grow will be easier. just remember. no feeding :grin: or watering with out at least some cal-mag. Once you have your ppm meter. we should be able to get you :grin: :grin: dialed in pretty quick

1/4 = 1.25ml
1/2 2.5ml
3/4 = 3.75ml
1 or full = 5ml

Here is the skunk I did


@Not2SureYet Ok I have bought a TDS meter and it will arrive Saturday. So when it arrives, what do I have to do? I know I will need to check the runoff water from my plants but what do I do if the ppm is to high or too low. Do I flush with some nutrients to help it get back on track?

And also will this help the plant fix it’s problem or is that another thing I will need to fix right away. Or can I fix it, some of this stuff is a bit confusing but am getting better at what I need to look for. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Once you have the meter. Tag me with your numbers. I will make sure to check here often. Once I see where you are at. It should be pretty easy to get you dialed in. Can you let me know what the ppm of the water you use is also please. Also, do you let your water sit for 24 hours before using it since I see you are using tap water.

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@Not2SureYet I will tell for sure when I get it, as for your question, my city doesn’t use chlorine. It’s uses chloramine a mixture of chlorine and ammonia. Those things you use to get rid of these all seem pretty expensive to buy off of Amazon. Don’t know though.

A update on the plants, both haven’t grown much and the one plant I showed has some more damage done too the bottoms leaves. The buds seem to pack on little weight over a while, but are still growing slowly. The top leaves are still as dark as ever, more than likely a another deficiency.

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And because those things are pretty expensive and my water does not have chlorine, I just use the tap water as it is. Which is not the best idea but it’s been ok so far but not great. I have heard that even if I waited 24 hours, chloramine doesn’t go away like chlorine.

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I am reading an ro system will remove the chloramine. It may be worth getting it. Saves on trips to get bottled water. Plus you never have to worry about running out of good water for your plants. They are under 60.00 on amazon for a 50 gph unit. I use that one my self. but really need to step up to a 150 unit. I can go through over 6 gallons a day when in flower. @Myfriendis410 for the edit

Got ya covered dude


Chloramines are a compound of chlorine and ammonia. You get acetic acid as the sterilant. R/O with a deionizer cartridge will remove them and you can use chlorine remover for fishponds which will remove it.


@Not2SureYet Ok my TDS meter came a little earlier than expected but better for me. My tap water’s ppm is 153 and the runoff from my one plant is 209. Probably really low from what I have seen from charts. So what is the next move from here? The reverse osmosis system will be something to get next, but might be a little bit til then.

Thanks so far for the help.

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Is this you only plant right now? If so. That will work in your favor. If @Myfriendis410 is saying the pond remover will help. That would be my first start. I found this. I can’t say if it works or not. We have chlorine here.
Adding fruit to a water pitcher (e.g., slicing peeled orange into a 1-gal water pitcher) will neutralize chloramine within 30 minutes. If desired, chloramine and ammonia can be completely removed from the water by boiling; however, it will take 20 minutes of gentle boil to do that.

Other than these 2 things. I would say you will want to get the ro water from one of the vending machines. it is 5 gallons for 2 bucks here.

When you feed next. if you could let me know what your numbers are there. we can get that straightened out though. You should be around 650 - 800ppms going in the pot. 1/2 tsp or 2.5 ml of cal mag in there.

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@Not2SureYet So I have two plants growing, both not doing good, the one I showed you is the healthier one of the bunch. The other one had many problems but still survived and continued to grow slowly. I am thinking for now to feed my plant with purified water that has no chlorine or chloramine.

With your feed schedule, which I need to ask about again, so this is what I put in to feed: 2.5 mL of Cal-Mag-, 2.5 mL of micro, 5 mL of Gro, and 7.5 mL of bloom because I am in week 10. Or am I looking at this wrong, because that seems like a lot or not(I don’t know). And would my plants be able to withstand that much nutrients if that is correct. Because they are smaller than sum.

Both plants are different strains which complicates things a little I think, thanks.

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Ro would do you best. I am guessing you are feeding just under a gallon for each plant right now.I would start with 2.5 ml cal mag, 3.75 or 3/4 tsp of micro, 7.5ml or 1 1/2 tsp of bloom per gallon. I leave out the grow half way through flower. So I would skip the grow for the rest of this grow. I know it sounds like a lot. And is at the upper end. I would use this for 2 feeds and see where your numbers are. Right now. They are super low. I think this will help get you back in the game :slightly_smiling_face:


@Not2SureYet How do you make the ppm higher to be in the correct range, I am at 556 right now with all the nutrients in the water without being pH balanced yet?

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