Dont know if this is a MALE OR NOT... Should i cut this down?


Week 7 Day 50. These are mystery seeds that I’ve had for some time now, and decided to plant them. I have 2 plants of this mystery and 2 plants of my purple haze both in flower. Lights 12/12.
So this is a picture of the mystery… I thought it was starting to bud but then I saw these this morning… IS THIS A MALE PLANT??? DO I NEED TO CUT THIS DOWN???

Please help, I’ve already separated the plant because I’m not sure, but if it is a male I will cut it down. Please advice it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Attached are pictures one with flash, and one without flash.

Sorry bud, both pics are male.

I’d get it out of there asap, unless you want seeds.



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Thank you!

Death to that plant. Male.

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Sorry man I just went through the same thing it sucks so much I know all that work for notta,
It’s what is making me buy female seeds and it will be ilgm. Just to be safe. Cost to much to wait that long at lest for anyway


Sorry it’s a.

B Safe

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If you have been in flower for a few weeks with the male in the room. All your other plants are most likely impregnated as well. That is super unfortunate. Sorry @Closetgrower91

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That all depends if the male sacks have opened Check and see before jumping to conclusion s.


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I think I’m okay, I picked up on it right away, I check on my plants multiple times a day and when I saw the beginning stages I already separated from my 2 other plants. Those were garbage seeds as Wishingilivedina420state said, just sticking to the ilgm autos and females for now on.

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Completely agree, Just take it as practice instead of a waste of time. Just sticking with the females and autos as you mentioned. Only planted those because I just had so many random seeds saved up.

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