Don't forget about the outdoor

Busy with the indoor, but can’t forget where it all started.

For the most part they are looking good. They are in 10gallon pots. Basic triple mix soil, topped off with some promix topping soil as the original stuff settled. I believe they are slightly (or badly) root bound, but can’t do anything about that now.

2, maybe 3 things that are concerning me after inspection this morning.

1st thing:
anyone know what these are, and are they a threat? These are the only 2 I’ve seen and I was looking fairly thoroughly.

1 is quite a bit bigger than the other, but they look like they could be the same thing.

2nd thing:
Found a couple of these small black spots on a couple leaves. They are almost resin-like, or oily. At first I thought it was just on the black tuna strain, but then did see one spot on another one of the girls.

It usually can be wiped off, but a couple of them were harder to scratch off. Again, not a lot of it at all, but don’t want it to be something that can spread quickly.

3rd thing:
PH of the soil is high. Like, it’s pushing 8 (just below). This doesn’t really surprise me as I water the outdoor with tap water from the hose, and my local tap PH is about 7.5-7.8. Should I be trying to do something about this? Or just let them be as they seem to be flowering up fairly nicely.
This is all I’ve been feeding them only since flowering:

Appreciate any assistance!

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They look like stink bugs, and the black stuff looks like their poop. I haven’t dealt with them before. As far as ph goes I would just adjust my water ph and continue to water with that and see if it helps. They look good.

@kaptain3d @Hoppiefrog @LoCoRock any ideas how to conrtol stink bugs, and have answers to his other questions?


Agree w/ Cody, the 1 looks like a stink bug and the dark spots are from a bugs droppings, don’t know if stink bugs are canna friendly. Are u seeing any obvious leaf damage?

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Not seeing a lot of leaf damage, but there is some. Are the stink bugs something that will multiply quickly?

They can lay 20 to 30 eggs at a time.


Ok, so I have to deal with it one way or another. Thanks!

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@29sgordo29 DEFINITELY don’t harm the black soft-bodied insect! It looks to me like a ladybug larva, which is one of the most beneficial insects to have around your plants. You want insects like ladybugs, lacewings, pirate bugs, and spiders to control insects like aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafminers, caterpillars, mites, leaf-footed bugs, and the like. I’ve never seen an insect like the other one though. Looks like a stink bug, but I’ve NEVER seen one with that shape (triangular flares at back of body) as well as those yellow legs. If things get bad, you can always order beneficial insects online. Hope this helped a little.

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