Donald's Super Skunk Seed starting

This will be a introduction to seed starting and mother plant starting


I received my ILGM order last week have 5 SS
going to start with a shot glass seed soak
pretty simple and going to use a veteran cheat trick to speed things up scuffing 2 seeds with match striker it slightly thins shell makes water absorb easier and also makes shell slightly easier to crack :wink:
A couple of quick passes on any super fine sand paper works too seeds will then be soaked overnight if they don’t sink by morning will leave then few extra hours :wink:
After they sink will place them in Rapid rooters which will be soaked in RO water briefly before adding seeds then placed under a dome on top of my PC which will keep them warm until they sprout. This fits 2 criteria warm and low light

I know what you’re thinking 2 seeds??? Yes I have faith and I also only really need one to sprout :slight_smile: Anyone is welcome to come along for the ride


I’m with you can I join for the ride

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Growing in soil or hydro, @Donaldj?

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Yeehaa eager to watch and learn!! @Donaldj

I’m on board for this journal. Looking forward to learning a little more about the early stages.

I’ll tag along if you don’t mind. I’m sure I’ll learn much!

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I’m in for the ride

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If it’s okay with you I’d like to lurk around and absorb :grimacing:

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I saw this technique in a YouTube video. Seemed like it makes sense. I’ll be watching to see how they do. Good luck sir.

That very much depends on success and health of sprouts if both seeds sprout I will have the option? starting them in rapid rooters gives me options however since I typically flower from clones can be tricky to get seedling mature during my normal short veg window. So most likely going into Promix I am looking to make mother plant to clone off I am yet to run a hydro unit for a mother plant would be a good challenge but hard to keep lady small in hydro :slight_smile:
I typically start my ladies in rockwool or peat pellets but this is a learning thread so I figured why not do something new? Rapid rooters are compressed coco almost sponge like and easy to transfer to any growing system. This thread is to help people get through that initial hurdle of seedling to sprout since many post issues and questions about this fragile time and over complicate over care and early feed :wink:


I have done it for years one of the tricks I picked up off my dad over the years which I still use today :slight_smile: if he ever moves to hydro I can return the advise and tips but his skill in soil trumps me hands down very few people I have met can grow a plant start to finish in soil using plantprod for nutrients.


I will be watching closely. I started this grow in rapid rooters and had some minor issues I would like to avoid next time around.


I’m in :grinning: I’m an information hog, so thanks for sharing the knowledge. I started the three plants I am growing now all a bit differently to compare the outcome, but since I am growing three different strains, the data is kinda useless.

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Yeah, got my ilgm beans too the other day…
I love to grow from seeds …watching the babies to gevelop, exciting :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


After about 13hr soak beans have sunk so ready to move

I prepped rooters by a quick bath in RO water then tore chunk to stuff hole slightly since I don’t need my seeds too deep in pods also this doubles to cover seed once it is placed

I then gently squeezed excess moisture from pods and placed seeds 1/4" deep and covered with the chunk I removed
and into tray in this case a cheap used loaf package from Costco bakery :wink:
Lid closed and now sitting on top of my router I will add a little water to bottom just enough to fill lip all I want to see is slight condensation inside container I won’t have to mist or water for days
no costly tray heating pad or special lights these seeds will do their thing in a dim corner will watch them for next 3-4 days which is about when most of my seeds sprout :slight_smile: If all goes well by that point they should be about ready to get some light


Nothing popped up overnight but have nice even condensation on me cheap container so just a hurry up and wait game at this point :slight_smile: I know rooters will hold moisture for several days even in open air so under dome I won’t need to mist or do anything until we get further along


Ok ladies and gents… 2/2 both ladies have popped so will be moving them to mother space to put them under some light today and post pictures since my camera is in shed :wink:
Today will be about demonstrating that a seedling can be placed under a 400w HID so yes no fancy seedling tray and separate light just space and light already needed for later.
Also the HID will produce enough heat to keep them happy with no heating pad this thread is to show that less attention works and that usually it’s our over worrying which kills. So I will be soil shopping today at big box store looking for seedling friendly soils which are cheap and available without ordering online or going to an over priced hydro store since this is a planning for a successful start topic. I hope to demonstrate that you can pretty much plop seeds in water overnight move to a medium easy to find and cheap and they will grow even mostly ignored :stuck_out_tongue:


All out of likes, but I’m following along. @donaldj

this morning

this evening

the start of my soil hunt

as you can see plenty of options decide to go with

But being an experiment thread will plant 1 in promix premier

why not play a little :wink: I suspect by tomorrow now they are under 400w MH both should have first leaves (water leaves) as I like to call them they have technical name but my tired brain can’t spell it atm cotyledon
I believe