Don’t waste the SEED!

New to this. So how’s the easiest and cheapest way to do my 1st grow. I don’t waste seed doing it wrong. And I don’t want to waste $$ either so I want to start off small and cheap at first until I get the hang of it.


Mannnn nothing about getting started is cheap. I had the same idea and just ended up returning the cheap shit because it doesn’t work. I am now about a grand in between the seeds, lights, tent, dirt, meters, nutes, etc. etc. The way you don’t waste money is to START with quality stuff and read read read. you already accomplished the hard part, getting here. Literally everything you could want to know is buried is these forums.


Small and cheap seem to have pretty wide span from one individual to another. Sometimes cheap to setup is expensive to care for. Sometimes spending double up front can get you a grow space that will produce 4 times as much. The gaps between physically not having the money to spend, not wanting to spend a lot, and wanting to get a good value are pretty large. Will depend a lot on exactly where you fall with all of that stuff.

Outdoor growing can be cheap. But less you have will be more difficult to get healthy good yielding plants. And season may be limited depending on where you live. Small indoor grow can usually be setup with some household stuff too, but it won’t yield a lot. Could also be a pain to grow in depending on where in your home it’s located. And you will have to spend a little bit of money on same basic supplies to have a reasonable experience. By the time you get recommended meters, nutrients, growing media, ph adjusters and handful of other odds and ends will probably cost at least $100. How much does it make sense to spend on a space to grow in?

If you consider all that, how much money are you looking to spend and how much are you looking to harvest? I can help you build a cheap space, but it will have to be in ideal conditions to be successful, and your harvest expectations would have to be reasonable.


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Welcome to the community !


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.