Don’t want to be Amish

Getting ready to purchase a 4x4x80 AC Infinity Advance Grow tent. Lighting I have 2- EnFun FS-2000 Led. Ventilation I have a Vivosun 4 in 190 CFM.
Reviews on Amazon are positive on the lights and ad says it will light a 4x4 area.
Are these lights adequate or am I 40 watts away from being Amish.

Thanks as I would like to purchase soon to get Rolling.

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I personally got a melon farmer 4x4 tent and have been very impressed with its sturdiness those lights look decent for the price though you may wanna invest In a good hlg rspec for flower time ( and run it side by side)since your edges will be pretty starved for light . You’ll also want at least 2 oscillating fans in your tent

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Could you suggest specifically what I could light this area with for $200? I can go $250 but it will sting a bit. I can’t afford to buy cheap, is that where I am at in this price range ?
Common goal, want to grow a lot of high quality.

Thanks again

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Like I said your fine until flower which won’t be for at least a month but the hlg 260 xl was 280$ last I checked on it( code "dude " will pay for a Lil more then tax) you will have to assemble it but it’s easy enough most can do it with a guide vid

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Thanks GreenSnek for taking time to answer. You can’t grow time. Thanks.

Taking your advise bought the EnFun FS2000 s and will up grade to a higher quality LED to cover the 4x4 tent for flowering and move to EnFuns to a smaller tent plan to set up.

You make it sound simple but starting out making all the Equiptment and vast options available on each essential item is ? I am getting excited now.

GreenSnek thanks for being gentle with me since, your my first. Responder on this forum.

Got to go shop for my first seeds now. Retired 4 months ago couldn’t smoke for 40 years.

Hell yea I am excited !!! WOW how things have changed. LED grow lights, Grow tents , PH test kits, inline charcoal filters and what strain do I want to grow.

I got my Mickey Mouse ears on cause this is Disney World.


Buddy you’re in for a wild ride!

For what it’s worth I have a 260w XL HLG RSpec and I love it. It’s 50% power was too much for one of my plants on the fringes of the light so that poor baby got moved into a different tent with a 100 watt LED (a Vivosun VS1000). If you can handle the price point of an HLG, I recommend it 200%. One 260 XL is going to be my flower power for a 4x2 chunk. I’ve got a cheap HLG competitor on the other half of my 4x4 to see how the two stack up against eachother. But 2x the 260w HLG would be an insane amount of light for a 4x4. Close to $600 but worthwhile in my opinion.



Thanks Brother. I have my seatbelt belt on smiling from ear to ear with my Mickey Mouse ears on.

I think I have myself painted into a mental corner about having LED’s. Looking at higher end LED for my flowering stage as advised earlier by Greensnek

Curious as what is average number of lights in 4x4 tent. Looking at the Spider Brand Led on the Jungle site (Amazon).

Gaysin, may the Good Lord forgive you and your weed grow straighter than a Preacher.

Best Wishes

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There doesn’t seem to be a “number of lights” as much as it all comes down to watts per square foot (the standard recommendation is 40 watts per square foot) or the amount of light needed to achieve the appropriate DLI (daily light interval). I am the first to admit that DLI is a concept that escapes me. @dbrn32 or maybe @Hellraiser can explain it or link a video that explains it. I went with the 40w/sq ft personallly because I understand that basic math at least. For you in a 4x4, that would mean you’ll want approximately 640 watts total to get good light coverage from wall to wall. If you’re running the HLG or similar quality lights, I believe you can move down to 32 or 34 watts per square foot, because quality of lighting is going to matter too. That would mean you’ll want, at a minimum, between 512 and 640 watts of light in your tent.

One thing to look out for on Amazon and anywhere you’re shopping for LEDs is the “shady marketing”.

I’m going to quote one of the sales pitches from Mars Hydro, one of the bigger names in the middle-lower-end of LEDs.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION LED GROW LIGHT: Consuming only 300 Watts true output with 684 LEDs, can replace a 600Watt HPS/CMH grow lights!

This means the light is only a 300 watt light and when you count towards your total wattage in your tent, only count it as 300 watts, not the 600 watts they claim it “replaces” from traditional lighting. Granted, Mars Hydro isn’t a bad light - I’ve never had one but enough folks around here have used them that I know there are worse lights on the market.

Hope that helps!

i just bought the same tent and i also bought a chilled glow craft x6 light. it’s a bit pricey (850, ordered 90 days in advance), but i want to grow top of the line bud, and i won’t need to buy another light for my space. happy growing


Your weed growing straighter than a Preacher. That was physically speaking.
Physically speaking:

Got to hop over to I :heart:GM seed site. I don’t know if I am going to grow good weed but I did fall in love on that seed site. OMG that young lady doing the seed review videos is so healthy and pretty looking. I love her eyes after she takes a deep draw of Bruce Banner.She was having fun then. She is so Pulchritudinous. I love her work she does such a great job. She is absolutely perfect for this venue I refer to as, Disney World.

The only thing that you can’t cheap out on is light. This is where the rubber meets the road. HLG, California Lightworks, CHILled Tech, some Spyder Farm lights all use top bin (highest quality) diodes: something that NONE of the other “blurple” and lights sold through Alibaba can say, yet claim outrageous values.

I wouldn’t spend a penny until I could get an HLG light, myself.



My current plan is to buy a 2x2 tent in addition to the 4x4 tent coming September 7 from Alibaba. My plan is to use the EnFun lights till flowering stage starts and replace with Spyder light. I see the “some” adjective you added to Spyder lighting and check the brands you specified. Move the EnFun FS 2000 to the 2x2 teepee that will be used for seedlings and vegetative lighting and purchase some sort of upgrade HLG for the 4x4 tent for flowering.

I apologize for all the questions and greatly appreciate all the responses as I am a student who does study hard for the pursuit of excellence.

Myfriendis410, you have another friend. His name is LoudDream. Don’t know about your Mom but, MrsLoudDream didn’t raise no simple children. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting.

Thanks Moderator

Once the 4x4 tent is set up with the quality HLG lighting for flowering I’ll start second grow in 2x2 with EnFun FS 2000. The first 2 grows I planning on Autoflowering seeds for ease of growth and short harvest time. Once the second grow is in flowering start using Feminized seeds for third grow. I should have 8 to 16 ounces on hand after first 2 grows then be able to have plenty of time Feminized seeds to grow have a little and I mean little experience to grow some high quality.

A question on lighting Autoflower? Since the plants are smaller, the yield smaller and 8 to 10 week harvest time is the wattage requirements any less or is this more the reason for better lighting.


Mr Peat

I hear you and am asking MF410 a lot. Not only asking but listening intently.

I hear you. Lighting,lighting,lighting



More reason for better lighting. I have a tent with 2 autoflowers and a photoperiod plant that I switched to a 12/12. I was not careful about where my lights were sitting in relation to the plants. I now have one auto that has gotten tall, stretched too much, and become Gumby with the light change. Tonight I adjusted light positions so she should be receiving a full 12 hours of bright light again, but to your question - if your autos aren’t getting the light they need, they are going to suffer for it and give you a worse yield than if you give them the best they can get. In turn they will give you the best they can give.

The best thing you did was join the friendliest, most inclusive forum going. Ask away and remember that we were ALL new growers once.

And welcome!

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Your killing me. Retired 4 months, got an expensive trophy wife, buy paraphernalia to grow weed. I got get seeds too still. Hell I am broke, more like bankrupt. Then you want me to buy a bigger light ? What you think I got trees, growing in the back yard I just pick $100 bills off? I am just trying in the basement !!! It is necessary to have weed with an expensive trophy wife.

Thanks Dude that makes sense. Cause this is really going to be a challenge. What I am currently buying is high quality. 2 or 3 hits does it. Don’t want to inhale much I haven’t smoked anything in 40 years. Purchasing seeds tonite between Gorilla Glue or Bruce Banner AutoFlowers.
Like AC/DC said there is only one way to the top….Lighting, lighting, lighting and easy to grow autoflowers. Then I get to Rock and “Roll”. Hopefully with the Trophy Wife sometimes, she can be like real nice. She is a Holy” Roller”.

I can watch a rock grow. I can go slow now, start with autoflowers I’ll keep you all informed send you all pictures like they are grandkids. Hang them on your fridg. I am going to need some help so I don’t kill them with kindness.

Brother Graysin I have seen the LIGHT.

Like your weed, your straighter than a Preacher.

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Thanks for that I will be here for awhile. It’s going to be awhile before “Grasshopper”
will be able to snatch the seed from my Friends hand.
Teach well master as I am a good and loyal student.

I see the light Master