🫐🫐 Don’t eat the soap…

(Not sure where this post should go…… put me where I’m supposed to be admin!)

BUT!! Here’s my thought… :nerd_face::nerd_face:

Thinking bout making a soap :soap: with the leaves and stems and leftovers from Cactus Jill. :bathtub: (my lovely little Blueberry Auto) 🫐

If I added my infused oil :seedling: to the end of the recipe I think I could still harness and save some of the cannabinoids and beneficial properties of the CBD and terpenes from the plant even during the saponification process… don’t wanna cook all the good stuff away when it heats up to do its thing! :v:

I wonder if that’s legal :thinking:considering it’s part of the plant with > any amount of thc. Plus it wouldn’t be decarbed (I’ve been slow infusing with organic hemp oil) so any thc that may be possibly present wouldnt have any psychoactive effects…. Just the glorious topical treats you’d find in other essential oils or poultices… :herb:

I just wanna get all that magic and all those benefits while using EVERY PART I CAN… the less waste the better… and how fun to incorporate my grow into my other hobby as well!!! :sunflower::sunflower:

Plus the benefits of hemp and CBD and cannabis in general as a (temporary) topical exposure (:fire:wash off product per fda cosmetic guidelines) work so well for moisturizing and soothing (:fire:I make 0 medical claims) and it’s just all around ENJOYABLE and AWESOME to use all of her! 🪴

Anyone have any input? Would you guys buy ‘cannabis infused cold process soap’??

And would it be to experience the soap and see what outcomes you have with it (less drying than store bought I betcha haha) :smirk:
Or would it be just a fun novelty item you’d buy occasionally maybe as a gift or something?:gift:

:hugs: LET ME KNOW! I don’t wanna use my oils for soap if it’s going to be wasted… I need to know if my fellow growers, smokers and cannafam would find this intriguing and worth the chance taken!

Or else I’m just gonna some cookies from the oil and move on lol :cookie::cookie:

Oh btw… THE SOAP WOULD 100% SMELL LIKE BLUEBERRY🫐 (I mean how fun is that? Or am I the only one excited :rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:)


Sounds interesting, no clue what the outcome would be but interesting for sure.

Consider growing a CBD heavy strain for this? I’d think that would be the best path for soaps, lotions, etc but I’m really just speculating.

Following along here for sure.


@CygnusX1 thanks for the reply!!

Yea I plan on doing some CBD in the future but I have all these fan leaves I was going to compost and there are trace amounts of amazing properties still in there! I just wanna try it in a soap, and am super interested if other people would be too!

I’ve made hemp soap and CBD soap and lotions and all that…. BUT it’s not very cost efficient… and to be honest soap isn’t on your skin long enough to be like OH MAN PAIN RELIEF (like a strong CBD salve would)

I just really wanna use as much of my grows as I can! :grin::grin::grin: and since its free ingredients, thank you Jill, I figured why not!

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Lots of goodness in there for sure. I made fan leaf pesto and some other stuff and plan to do it again in the current grow. Similar thought, super greens and no waste.

I’d be interest to check out what you have if you sell / ship anything. My IG is CygnusX101. :+1:

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THATS AWESOME!! For sure! I’ll look you up! Super excited! I plan on getting a dry herb vape too… and actually I could use all that heated flower for infusions too… still trace goodness in all that leftover!! Waste not want not… :v::green_heart::smirk:

Don’t have too much on insta… my last acct was chopped! Lol too opinionated for some I guess; oh well.
Less distractions and a clean slate. Maybe this one will be a good one for my soap endeavors!
I’ll have to start posting some pics now instead of just stoned scrolling :rofl::woman_shrugging:

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Storz & Bickel all the way for dry herb and yes, plenty can be done with the AVB. Next favorite are the Dynavap vaporizers. Whole different concept but amazing. Last in line for me is the PAX 3. Haven’t used that much since getting the Dynavap and S&B Crafty +.

I think I have some pics of peanut butter cups we made with the AVB that did their job quite well. Also some cashew Alfredo with fan leaves. All should be in my first grow journal (gelato auto).

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GingerGonGreen is my insta

OOOOH PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! I don’t do many edibles cuz I can’t store em long enough and I’m a micro doser (and the only one who partakes in my household at the moment) so I hate to make a batch of anything and waste it.

I was looking at the vivant alternate? Someone said it’s a pretty good go to also: but now I’m going to research those (storz and dyna)
Looking for a decent priced one but nothing im going to have to replace soon since I plan to use it A LOT during throughout the day. Quality but not like desktop one :sweat_smile: a little steep for this gal

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Both are high quality and will last a long time. The Dynavap requires a torch for heating, I was skeptical at first but it’s amazing and virtually indestructible. I grabbed an Ispire Wand induction heater and that combo is amazing.

If you don’t mind a slight learning curve and heating with a torch lighter the Dynavaps are absolutely the best value going for the $.

Sorry for bringing us so far off topic. Soap!!

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Haha no that’s fine! You’ve seen my other post…. Tangents are welcome!!

I’ve never used a dry herb vape so a learning curve might be tricky lol but if it’s a good choice than it’s worth a shot!

A pesto sounds amazing tho. I love the super green aspect of it too! I usually make like kale spinach garlic ice cubes to toss in my sauces or what not… I could just blend those puppies up too snd freeze em with the other blend!

All my trim is submerged in oil at the moment so next grow I’ll be trying that!!

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Oh, meant to add, the PB cups froze very well…. So, very easy to keep them around.

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That’ll be ideal for my husband if I grow a CBD strain. (He can’t partake at the moment due to his career :frowning:)
Using the extra parts with practically 0 traces thc… i could make him topical treatments or his fav, peanut butter cups :smirk::wink: with 0 worries! Lol

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@BigMommaC for whatever it’s worth I have absolutely used CBD heavy flower and some THC heavy flower that wasn’t exactly smokeable to make infused coconut oil. I then used the coconut oil for bath bombs - my MIL suffers from severe neuropathy, so bathing is super painful for her (can’t take showers at all, and limits a bath to exactly as long as it needs to be to get clean). A 20 minute soak in an infused bath bomb is the best time she’s had bathing since before the neuropathy got bad bad.

I’d bet a nice infused lotion or similar topical would be stellar - I may not bother with soap since it would very likely not sit on the surface of skin long enough to absorb fully. I could be wrong.


Yea you are correct: contact with CBD or thc in a soap wouldn’t be worth the green. plus the scraps of my harvested plant would have such a small amount of those anyway it would be mostly for the (claimed) calming, anti inflammatory, gentle goodness of a natural bar of old school soap and not deeper absorption benefits.

Primarily it would be more for the idea of an infused soap and to use the leftover product without having to worry too closely about strict fda guidelines pertaining to the cosmetic use of the item. Wet wash rinse repeat. :slight_smile:

Yes bath bombs are amazing too. I may have to look into making them again. I just love doing soap so that’s why I choose the soap route.
I can’t imagine I’d be getting enough of any pain relieving aspect of the plant, from just ‘waste’ and leftovers to make a noticeable difference (it’s literally just the trimmed off fan leaves and main stem I’d be using)

lol I want to stick more towards the nourishing properties of the hemp oil and any herbal/green type benefits you’d find in most super plants! like the last ditch effort in extracting as much as I can from her… and making a natural ‘cool concept’ type product without people expecting some incredible result besides a luxurious stoner friendly soap that cleans without any nasty ingredients!!

My unscented hemp soap was originally made for a friend of mine during chemo treatments. Her skin was blistered and beyond sensitive to any products… and she loves it!
So I more wanna just add some silly but still good for ya appeal to my passion! I mean, why not combine my love of natural products with my love of cannabis!?


I’m sure you have…. But you should try adding some magnesium flakes to the bath too. Start with a smaller amount than recommended until you see how it makes her feel. I make a magnesium oil for my aches, pains, sciatica and restless legs. Great for people who work out or get cramps or sore muscles too. I spray my legs down before bed to prevent the twitching that seems to come with the nerve pain (never find a comfortable spot)

Just be aware it ‘stingles’ (stings and tingles) for a bit when applied. It can (and usually is) rinsed off after 10-15 min or after the bath.
I personally will just spray and leave it to sting a while as a change of pace from my usual discomfort :rofl::woman_facepalming:

I use the spray a little on the bottom of my toddlers feet at night too, helps her with the ‘squirmies’ and assists with sleep too.
No sting, but still absorbed.

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She’s made! Blueberry canna soap! 🫐🧼

Using leftover Cactus Jill (blueberry auto) bits and pieces infused into hemp oil to add in! 🪄

I’ll cut her in a few days and then the waiting begins… :hocho:

6 weeks until cured…:hourglass:

(Why do all my hobbies take so long to cure🤣)