Don Shula;where are you

Does anyone know where I could find this strain? It seems to me a very interesting strain to grow but I can’t find a source. Any thoughts?

Across the street from my house is a dispensary that sells it. Are you looking for the seeds? I am looking now. I live here in Denver, so I should be able to find some info for you.

That would be great info. if possible. I thought this would be an interesting grow. thanks :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

Go to the “Buy Seeds” at the top of this group. They sell them here.

I cannot find an actual seed bank that sells them but about 15 dispensaries near me sell the flower. ILGM does not have them unless I overlooked them as I searched the site and it returned a no results found. I will keep looking. I’ll call my new buddy at Bros Grimm and see if he has some.

Appreciate that bro. :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

you have to do a google search and choose ILGM to find them here. They are new. Thats how I found them.

Maybe you can help me then. Other than a Bio of what Don Shula is on LGM, there is no link to buy the seeds.

Google search Don Shula Seeds for Sale. ILGM is the second website found.

Just because there is a hit on Google does not mean anything. I am pretty sure these are not for sale here. I will call them.

@thecount13 I sent a message to ILGM. I will circle back when I know something. I am striking out everywhere that lists DS as for sale. Once you get into the site, they are not and only are trying to pull you in to sell you something else.

My bad!!! It said looking to buy seeds LIKE Don Shula? Sorry for that.

No worries. I am on it. If I can find them, as I am super interested now after researching, I like the way this strain sounds, I want to buy 5-10 myself to add to the growing collection.

Me too buddy!!! I like what I have read also. If you find them, will you let me know? And I will do the same.

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Will do. I mean I can get the flower right now but even the top 10 seedbanks right here in Denver Metro from the list in Google, half of them don’t sell any seeds. Oh the struggle is real. How hard is it to provide accurate info?

Last ditch effort was to reach out to Marc aka Mr Soul and Laura the owners of Brothers Grimm to see if they have it or are aware of where to get it.

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@Bonjoyle you cant leave now!!! We have work to do!!!

I wouldn’t leave you bud. Just gonna stop offering insight and advice in others threads. I have a journal, Bonjoyle’s continuing grow. Gonna keep it in my own backyard. If you ever need me, just tag me or pop in my journal and hit me up there. I do have some more info on Don S albeit lacking.

IESO Illinois sells the strain. I haven’t looked it up yet, but if you can get their number and give them a call they might share where they get their seeds. So far the dispensos here that sell it will not come off any info. I have not given up so if I do come across any good info, I will tag you and @thecount13 the OP lookin for this strain to grow!!


I appreciate you buddy. Your advice is ALWAYS respected with me!!!

Their phone number is not public. I sent them an email. Hopefully they will respond.

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me too. we shall see.

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How do I follow your journal? @Bonjoyle