Dolomite lime Week 5 flower

Just starting week 5 of flower and was told I should start to cut out the the cal-mag soon.

I am showing a few leaf issues on some plants which all look like calcium and magnesium issues. maybe little phosphorus. I am watering at 6.5-6.7 and getting run off at 6-6.3 on all plants 5ml cal per gallon. 3ml this last watering… Using RO water.

I am wondering if I top dress with some dolomite lime with cal in it will that satisfy any calcium needs from the Ro water? May a slight increase in soil ph possibly help with any deficiency I am seeing?

this plant #3 has always had issues. She did bounce back a few weeks ago but then nose dived again. Last to sprout and smallest of the bunch.

And here are a couple leaves off the other plants that have a few leaves with issues. However as a whole the plants look pretty good.( i am told)


Demand for cal/mag later in the soil is important. I had 3ml a watering to mine once they are in a few weeks of flowering. It’s hard to overdo cal/mag. I don’t know that I’d add lime at this point. I only use to buffer pH and add it when I do my last transplant.


the reason I ask is @Hellraiser mentioned cutting out cal mag week 5 or 6 I think because of the added nitrogen. However using ro I need something to substitute it think.

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My thinking is that a little nitrogen supports the plant throughout the lifecycle. I usually ramp down N in week 5.

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