Doing water change what do I do about chiller?


Doing a water change today and this is the first week I had my chiller hooked up. What do I do about the water in the chiller when I do my change how do I get it all out?


I don’t know a thing about what your trying to do. Sorry. But i’m sure there is someone here that may be able to help you out som hang in there a bit ok and once again sorry I couldn’t be any help to ya



Take return line to res and move it into a 5 gallon bucket, pump bucket full and pour it out. Lather, rinse, repeat.


If i were you , i would not be running nutrients through your chiller… :wink:
It should be a closed loop system with only clean water running through it and just throw a coiled up hose in your resovior… :wink:
Its not going to take long for the nutrients to destroy that chiller… :wink:



What kind of coiled up hose ?


A garden hose would work… :wink:
Kinda like a whort chiller for making beer… :wink:
Not exactly sure whats its called , but something similar to that… :wink:



I like this one for it, not sure if it works tho


So it can be rubber or metal/copper I’ll get in that today thanks!


How would I get it to circulate? I have a submerged pump in my reservoir that pumps water into the chiller then another tube that dumps back into reservoir


Got a pic of your chiller setup?


If you have a water dispenser on your refrigerator then most likely you have a coiled up plastic hose in the bottom of the fridge side, take a look under the bottom draws. You want to have that same type of system cooling the nutrients.


Running my reservoirs on heatmats trying to keep the temp above 59F
My chillers is in a box in storage


As soon as I get home I’ll get a pic of chiller


@bryan here are the pics of the chillerattachment from chilller to top of bucket then inside bucket


The connections to the chiller appear to be standard size hose connections. Maybe get a 50 foot coiled hose connected to each port, then put length of hose into res to circulate chilled water. In reality, lol, just do what @peachfuzz says, cuz 90% of anything I know came from him.


Problem is my pump is submersible no way to attach a intake hose


What kind of pump is it? It didn’t come with connectors/attachments so you can also run it inline?


No it’s submersible.