Doing research on switching


Lets see what I can do lol


@jmlove123 You will do great!:ok_man:


Testing my holes lol :joy:


Might change to this tubing what do you think



It doesn’t need to have a top feed :wink: start seeds in rockwool or peat then move them into system but could work will just want to be able to turn it off later during grow

very simple to make


Thanks for the video i will play around with it more tomorrow. :slight_smile:


@Donaldj I got some Rockwool cubes yesterday how long do you soak them usually and do you us ph water if so what ph?


I cant wait to see what you do
ive been kicking the idea around about starting a hydro set up
Or similar
To much i want to try and do not enough space to do it in lol
Nice :+1: job


For cloning I ph correct for seedlings just RO or distilled water and soaking only needs a few minutes unless ph adjusting


@Donaldj switched the one little guy over to the rock wool he was sad for about 30 minuets but is now standing tall. I also placed a new northern lights since the one I had started at the same time as the blueberry didn’t make it. Do I just spray the Rockwool like I did the soil until I move them to there forever home?


if you are top watering you could place right in unit with a plastic cup to act as dome and hold RH rockwool holds just enough moisture for them just don’t let emitter directly wet it will wick moisture form surrounding medium easily enough


Thanks I appreciate it and hope your having a good Sunday.


@Donaldj now that I am seeing roots how far below baskets should the water be? Thanks


1-1 1/2" as you see the mist from the bubbles will keep hydroton moist enough without saturating rockwool and your roots will love it :wink:
You are on the right track once roots are hitting nutrient solution things start to move much faster


Sorry to bother you again @Donaldj I do have another question I got the nuts picture here I am a little confused on what ones to start with lol and at what point to add or switch to the others


Use G,M,B in equal dosing with Cal-mag around 2.5-3ml/G the Carbo load and Big bud are for flower I would add a PK booster Bud Blood or Bud Igniter for early Bloom reduces stretch.
The G,M,B and Cal is only start dosing you will likely increase over time as well Rhino skin or some other silicate will be very helpful


Thanks I didn’t use anything with my soil grow cause bad choice on soil and then when it was time to my wonderful teachers bob31 retired so this will be new in the grow also. So fun


The forum can get time consuming and add stress to home life if a person hasn’t got compartmental skills and the foresight to not let it consume your day to day. As a mentor or staff your time becomes a premium you get so involved in others grows adding ever more of them to your watch and help list it eats more and more of your time.
I know quite well how it burns a person out I simply allot so much time each day. Poor bob31 cared too much not saying it’s a bad thing :wink: just that it becomes stress treating each grow like they are your own. This doesn’t mean you don’t get answers when you ask me but that I answer in my own time hoping members learn from each other like I do and are able to learn researching and share what they learn with others. In this way we become stronger as a community and support others as they support us.


@Donaldj I understand completely I am a patient person. It is drilled into me cause of my son. Bob was great and missed. But he is more important to himself and his family so they should always be first. I am proud of him for recognizing he needed to step away.


Would these two work I think these are the two you were suggesting to add with what I got right?

Thanks so much