Doing research on switching

I am thinking about maybe trying two of these single units. Has anyone ever used these before? When you are checking the water and stuff where do you sit the growing pot so you don’t hurt the roots?

@Screwauger could you tag a few other people not sure who all grows hydro thanks


I was initially interested in them, but not familiar enough to answer your question. Interested in posts though because I think some folks do use these or similar drip buckets.



Here a link to amazon for the larger kit

And one for single pot system

I would definitely see what @Donaldj has to say about them before investing you can probably build your own set up cheaper if you buy all the bits amd pieces
But im a soil guys
Happy growing and shopping :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:



If you are going to eventually scrog the plant then an extra reservoir will go such a long way to making things easier…

If you build something similar to this you will have a reservoir to work out of and you will save yourself so much money :money_with_wings: especially over those waterfarm systems


I’ve never tried the drip system. I have an Ebb and flow system where it feeds and drains from the bottom of the outer pot flooding the inner pot. They feed from a drum reservoir outside of the grow room. i’m really loving this system and if I were to do a scrog this would be perfect. I like to grow large plants so a scrog is out for me for now. These are five gallon pots. The inner pot leave about 3" below it for room for roots.
This is a picture of my two girls at day 31 of veg.


I prefer to build my own this is a top feed system more than anything I have actually seen them on display pretty expensive but if you aren’t very DIY savy it isn’t a bad deal if you keep in mind it comes in pieces and needs to be assembled :wink: I would price out 8 buckets and net pots, an air pump, 20 Gal tote, uniseal gaskets and the pipe first. I think a guy could build this for around $200 with a little imagination though I am not too big a fan of top feed units myself.


@Donaldj I only need two if I had a step by step how to build it I probably could even that I am a girl. Lol I do most of the home improvement around the house. I recently re did my down stairs.

Just a few pics to share. I am really good at fallow direction. :joy:


I tbink you can handle a build out with dj to help guide you
Nice work in basement @jmlove123
I would have build walls and a few grow rooms lol

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@Countryboyjvd1971 the kids would ask questions about that lol. My tent is in my bedroom so they don’t ask cause my room has always been off limits.


lol a 2 bucket unit is even simpler and cheaper to make though I would go with under current and DWC with external res. My space doesn’t allow for external res and I move units between 3 spaces each with different feed schedules if I weren’t growing 3 light rotation under current DWC would be my choice.
Quite simple as many buckets as you want a hole just above bottom for a feed line pipe and another 1"1/2 below bottom of net pot for return. Use uni-seals at each hole install 1/2" pipe connected to a manifold in your case simple T with 2 elbows both top and bottom use large tote as main res same drill 2 holes can be above full water level place pony pump in series connected to feed line or large pond pump 225gph or larger. The pump draws water from main res pushes it at pressure into both units at once stirring water from bottom as water reaches full level it returns to main res, Circulating. In each bucket you can add a large airstone or just several in main res


@Donaldj I have a 4x4 tent that is why I was thinking something like a pictured could the revolver be on the outside of tent?

yes trick is to keep main res lower than buckets by raising pots off floor so you can drain pots using gravity with a bypass around pump if in series not in res so gravity can return water to res while draining it. Main res can be located anywhere


@Donaldj I may have to look into the cost of doing it myself I may have a new project on my hands lol

Here’s a DIY contained system that I first started out using. The reason why I decided to change was that the temp. in the water would rise in the flowering room due to the heat from the lights. I would constantly be putting in cool packs to cool down the water. I did have great success with this system. You can get a fill and drain kit for cheap money. I started out with clear totes but changes to black due to the lighting causing algae.


@Donaldj @ntmaremarch

Could i make this work? Look at sides of pic for all the itmes.

About all I used for my early DWC units of course it only seems fair to warn you that hydro becomes an obsession and that building DIY units is a never ending series of upgrades and tweaks :wink:


@Donaldj That is okay I have a $50 gift card to Home Depot hehe so that will pay most of the start up for it. Hehe I Have seedlings now very small in some fox farm soil is there a way to switch them to hydro once it build or so i do hydro on the next round. Also would that tote be big enough for two photo plants?

Thanks for the help I appreciate it a lot.

@jmlove123 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 Really interesting topic, folks.:writing_hand::ok_man::cowboy_hat_face: I just keep learning as different people describe their growing environment and the issues that they have encountered, excellent.

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17Gal which with netpot and at proper fill level is likely more like 11-10 gal should do the trick but I use 27 Gal for 2 plants larger tote gives them more space for roots and tops :wink:
You could transfer from soil but ladies are pretty delicate and would have surprising root mass to rinse clean of soil have done it can be real chore and takes plants time to recover

@Donaldj thanks for the information I may make a trip to the big box store after I drop kids off to there dad. Projects are fun. Hehe