Doing phenomenal


Whit widow day 50


Looking good. Looking close to harvest!


@HappyCamper that is some sweeeeeeet looking bud you have there. Looks like that head is heavy as the dickens. Looks good. Let us know how it does and what it weighs out at wet, and then dry. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi @cyberblast, those are @Flowerpower great looking plants.


Yummy :yum: wish i could smell from here weres the smell and taste app


My last run was good.sour diesel bubble gum AK-47.



Nice love it :heart_eyes:


@Flowerpower has the flower power … super nice buds. Awesome :clap: :clap::clap::clap::clap::+1::+1:


REALLY NICE. @Flowerpower I can only hope that I have some heads that look like that. Cads that is beautiful. Really beautiful.


Nice buds there! Great job!


Thank you. Spent a lot of time with the girls. I think my wife is Jealous. Believe it or not all uses Foxfarm for nutes and oceans forest soil.and my kindK5 1000 watt led.