Doing autos from aug-nov.. help please

Im noob at growing. Have grown a Pineapple Express auto before with good results in a green house from may to now.
Now I’m planning to grow a few autos from today until beginning of November. Live in Sweden so we can have pretty warm autumns and also I have acces to a green house if it gets to cold. My question is: is it normal to try and grow from August to October/November? And also which kind of pot and medium?? ? Should I go coco? Or regular soil?? Much thanks for any answers

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@Underthesun They will grow fine as long as the temperature stays above freezing, especially that you have access to a greenhouse. I grow outside, in soil and in fabric pots. I don’t know anything about Coco , I’m sure some of the more experienced growers can help you on that subject. Good Luck and Happy happy growing :man_farmer:



im with you on starting plants now.

i have 8 seeds im about to germinate… looking forward to see what happens.

5 gal pots at a minimum, you don’t want to be transplanting and shocking the girls too many times. Medium is dealers choice. I prefer organic soil over coco, I’ll leave coco to the experts. Best of luck on your grow, I have 4 WW Autos outdoors at 3 weeks since sprout and plan on dropping another 5 next week, those 5 will have me harvesting mid November.

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Haha im sensing a trend here. I just dropped 2 autos myself and soil is the medium.


@PurpNGold74, it’s an addictive hobby now, every grow is a new experience. Almost as bad as my addiction to firearms :joy:.


Peoples love for pot and guns is concerning lmao.

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When it gets cold out, you can try to warm up the greenhouse with a heater. You’ll get less sunlight during the day but I suppose you can also put up some lights to finish them off.

Sweet then I’m gonna go soil… the reason for wanting coco is not much bugs or pest and lighter pots u can move. Also I kind of want to learn how to give nutrition caus u can micro manage ur growing. Anyhow glad to hear that so many also is trying this out! Happy growing guys!

I’m growing
blue cheese-dinafem
Amnesia haze xxl—dinafem
Gorilla glue-fast buds
Great white shark- Seedsman
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