Doing an indoor/outdoor grow…

Greetings all! I am a COMPLETELY green newb. This (my very first) grow is being done outdoor (in-direct sun light during the day) and grow light during (in a redneck engineered tent) the night. These (auto-flowering OG Kush) girls were started in root riot pods until I could see roots against the clear seed pod trays. They then got transplanted into six inch planters with Happy Frog soil. I’m planning on then transplanting them into 5gal planters for their forever home. My question is……when do I transplant them into the 5gal planters - there a certain height?

Sorry bother y’all with stupid newb questions

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Welcome to the community. I am new to growing to. Hey @PapaSpliffendore I have heard they can go in their forever pot straight from the Solo cup. Someone who knows more than I do will be by shortly I would guess.

Usually when the leaves reach the edges of the pot. Most people try to transplant autos as little as possible, often people will start them in the final pot.


Thank you……big lesson I just learned on this grow. Start in forever pot.

Thank you all for the input!