Dog ate my seedling

I have my seedlings in a seven gallon fabric pot. My dog stuck her snout in my soil of the white widow. I noticed it and I spent a little over an hour looking for the seedling, but no luck. Every piece of vermiculite looked like the seedling. I evenly spread the soil around just in case it’s still there. The seedling was placed on a mound in the middle, but it had been moved around too much. I will keep watering, but I don’t know if the dog ate it. I usually have the pots on top of a table outside, but I had to move them because we had rain and I didn’t want the soil to get drenched with water. What do you guys think? Should I use the soil to put another white widow or wait it out? Kinda bummed out.


Damn that sucks.
Too bad you can’t do what Chong did in up and smoke and follow him around until he passes the seed and then replant? Lol jk…
Happy growing