Doesn't look normal

From a fellow grower:

sprouted W W Auto Oct. 28 2015

97 days later plant is doing well no signs of end of life

trics are all clear no signs of amber or cloudy this is with viewing with 30X

this does not seem normal from all I read ?

4 5500 cfls 11 ltr. pot maintaining 76 degree temp.first time grower Your opinion please.

Normal - look at the “pistals” if they are 80% brown,amber - time for harvest. sometimes tic’s will stay the way you mentioned, it’s that plants genetic’s. 97 days time - plant is ready for harvest- there are some “white” strains that present themselves like that. You did nothing wrong !! Happy Harvest !!!

Thanks Steve still a little bumed out colas very small ,but the plant looks great like I said with this auto I was expecting to see amber to cloudy trics and signs of end of cycle . Do you have a favorite auto ?

Yes - PM me do not want to “spam”