Doesn't grow anymore

So I just started growing and can’t seem to get any plant to get over this hump. I’m growing in 40/60 perlite organic soil mix, I have it under led grow light and a cfl bulb, I have a heat mat underneath they are grown in a fireplace room that stays above 70 all the time, I bring in fresh air constantly as I go out for fire wood I leave the door open, water PH 6.8, and soil was at a PH of 7. I’m in desperate need of help :tired_face: :weary:. I know its not easy but I’ve done enough research and gardening to at least get it to grow a lil bigger. Please any help welcome.

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Can try bringing the ph of tge nute mix down between a 6.2 and a 6.5. Soil has a good point of 6.5 for ph. What kind of light are you using do u have air mover fans. Intake and exhaust. If u fill out a suplort ticket it will help alot on answering your questions. Pics in natural lighting also help alot. No grow lights if possible just flash from camera to see true colors of leaves.

How long have they been growing? Plants at that stage will sometimes pause visible growth while they lay down a root system.

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They were planted Jan 26. I thought about that because up until last week I felt it was growing strong, then it just paused.

What is your organic soil mix? Brand and type.

How much are you watering them? If the young roots stay too wet, they can develop a bad root fungus and damp-off.

I have a tent setup already but want to grow a few leaves before I put it under a 400W MH bulb. At the moment not much air movement, but they’re small plant still. They do get fresh air daily.

I’m currently just spraying the dome cup I put around the plant so the water rolls down to the edges of the soil, and not much. I do notice humidity in the cup.

How often?

The yellowing at such an young age looks like the start of damping off.

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Looks like it’s stretching to find the light to me. Just my two cents.

Depends on how much humidity I see. If I notice lots of condensation on the dome ill remove it for the day and replace it before lights go out. If in the morning I still see humidity I won’t water, no humidity ill spray again. About 15 sprays.

I’m probably in the minority here, but if you just mist the top of the soil and never really wet the soil then there is no reason to grow roots and the dry soil just dries the main tap root out.

I have much better success by wetting the soil thoroughly and being patient enough to let it almost dry out before watering again.

Once the seedling comes up the misting and doming can end and water must begin.


It appears to me the seedling has met over dry soil and failed to root. It is a good idea to thoroughly soak your medium in the cups and let them run off before planting.

Though the lights are not ideal at this point it’s not that important.


So, you never direct water?

Then, yep, if you’re just misting, never watering into the root zone, your roots won’t be happy.

Watering babies is a fine line: too much, you get damping off; too little, you get dried out roots and babies.

I find seedlings in small pots like 2-4 tbsps (⅛-¼ cup) a day. Enough to soak in several inches, but not so much the medium will get waterlogged. Keep domed. No need to spray the domes.

There’s your problem.
You need holes in the bottom of that cup and water with pH’d water until it drips through.

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You have received some solid advice already. Just wanted to add another which worked well for me. This is my second grow.

I used a syringe to water in a concentric circle as wide as the leaves, and continued outward as the seedling grew. I gave 10 ml at a time until I saw that she was needing more. By the end of week one, she was getting nearly 300 ml. She took off and became a beast. Now we are at week 8+ a few days.

I didn’t use a dome as I tried to maintain the environment humid enough for the seedling (read a post here stating this, so I tried it out). However, I did use domes in my first grow. I try different things and learn by doing based on suggestions from others.

Hope this helps a bit.

Best of luck.

So I finally got something to grow, only problem is that I have it in a miracle grow organic choice soil. Its still in a red solo cup, so it need to be transplanted. I guess my question would be, once I transplant should I keep using the organic miracle gro? Or should I use the other “organic” soil that I couldn’t get anything to grow in? And do I have to use perlite? If so, what ratio for perlite to soil mix is recommended?

Miracle grow is doodoo soil in my opinion. And probably many others.Get fox farms happy frog or ocean forest soil. Your girls will love you for it.