Doesn't get people high

People say the White Widow I grew doesn’t get them high.
What’s wrong?

Welcome to the forum! My best guess is it was picked too early. What did the trichomes look like? Also did you cure?


Does it get u high?

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Does it get u high? If so screw them some people are azzhats. If not then u may have picked it to early.


Maybe too early. I harvested a plant that I let the bucket go dry on.

That was last week. Now the rest have cloudy trichromes.

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I can’t really tell, I am smoking it and it seems like I’m high, but I smoke all the time, and really only notice when I am not high


How long was your dry and cure time?

I just harvested and hung up maybe four days ago. No cure time. They were impatient and wanted to try it. Will it get better effect after drying and curing?

Love this quote it’s so true or unless I’m super geeked

Or should I throw out the part I harvested early, or would it work for cooking?

I would recommend doing a little research on drying and curing cannabis, also I can’t say if it was pulled early without seeing the trikes. What was your feeding schedule and what nutrients were you using? An impatient grower is the worst grower, take your time and let nature gift you.

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Looking at the pictures would you say its ready now?

Sounds like some one messed up and sent you cbd seeds… it happens to a lot of people now with the cbd craze the worlds on now

I will normally start my 2 week flush when the trichomes are all cloudy with a little amber to it. This does not workout for me every time, sometimes they won’t turn amber and sometimes they get to dark. I am not experienced enough to look at a bud and know if it is done. I am just trying to pass down hands on experience from previous grows.

Huh. Maybe they didn’t tell you that. Maybe you were just high? Did you notice you weren’t high when they told you that? Look for more friends or keep all the weed for yourself!

You can always check it with the higrade app.

Is it just me or is there bananas forming on the bud 3 pic? Trichs are definitely cloudy enough to get you a buzz that’s for sure not just buzzed but stoned haha but not quite at max potency, the higher tolerance you have the less dank the bud will be for sure! maybe someone did mess up and you got CBD seeds because that bud looks dank enough for me may not be quite ready for harvest but still looks good, and even with out a cure it should still get you high may not taste the best but it would still get you stoned I’ve pulled buds off plants thrown them into the oven until they were dry enough to smoke and got plenty medicated from it


I see it too. Looks like an open male flower right here.

Were there seeds?