Does your leaves turn purple on strain gsc extream?


Technically I’m an inside grower with every possible day outside. That amounts to between 4 and about 9 hours per day, depending on the time of year.

I’m inside the final 2 weeks for mine and I’m getting some color changes in the leaves but that’s deficiencies showing up.


Herd your growing gscx ? If not what strain? Do you know the Genetics on gscx


@Caveman I can’t seem to find that strain I think GSC are Óg kush and Durban Pision.


@Caveman I got it for you it is GSC×WWX there you go mate.


There is different variation of cookies and names but this is know as gscx Girl Scout cookies extream


I did look up the lineage @Caveman but your right there could be different ways it was born mate sure why not right. :v:


Hope my Purple Haze comes out like that!
Just went into fruit mode.


@Caveman did you fine out the lineage of your plants I’m interested in knowing if you don’t mind sharing with me :v:️.


I guess they are suppose to ? But no one that grew gscx have? But reply on what I can do to get her to iam down to 63 at night temps


Soil or Hydro? That is one big-ass pot Man. 50 gallon? I’m intrigued!


So @Caveman how they do ?