Does your leaves turn purple on strain gsc extream?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Does your leaves turn purple on strain gsc extream?if so how to get plant to get the most color out of her?warm days cold nights?lowering a nutrient in feeding?Or does it just do it with knowing fall is here and winter is coming. I would love to see these colors


I have never tried the gsc x
But can say plants that will change color need cool nights last 4- 6 weeks of flower or so
Temps below 60 f normally
Hopefully someone who has grow the strain can help you out


Thanks for replying the girl looks dam good for being the first ever. I’ll try to get it a little lower temputure.


If you keep your temps low it will bring out the colors I run between 55-58 and night 65 when lights are on and I get color just be careful it can stress them if you get much colder


I just went to turn back lol wasteing no time. How does your girls look when trying this low temp?kida said but yet green and thriving?


Colorful and healthy


Beautiful flower think I just cried a little lol. Green dark and oooo so frosty. Savita ?


This was chronic widow



Pictur is great can you give Moore info on her like if it is an auto. Or clone or seedling? How long veg before you il introduced 12/12


@Caveman she looks so beautiful :+1:
Well done my friend
Gald to help


Very nice I love it looks outstanding


Wow those are beautiful. Dare To Dream to get to that level. Thanks for sharing @Hogmaster .


Your plants look awesome. Keep up the good work. Wow


She looks about 6 weeks into flower you may get some purple in her yet


Thanks Neckflue try to lower temp to get plant to change color. Do you have any idea for this girl iam growing in Five gal pot. With fox farm soil all organic Fertilizer. With ph same going in and coming out. If know any one who grew this girl GSCX Girl Scout cookie extream love to check some of your stuff out as soon I figure how to work this site also is it in the genetics seed from I love grown marijuana to turn purple ?


Thanks you are right on. Can we take pictures and put them on this site for people to look at to help determine on say leave damage phosphorus problems nitrogen problems over watering problems ?


The only idea I have is just the lower the temperature of it like you I use the Fox Farm soil to but I mix mine with some Happy Frog. But with your pH being as good as it is I think everything’s going well so that would leave me to believe that it has to be a temperature thing? I’ve never grown that strain though but it’s on my wish list. I’m curious to see how it turns out.
I’m sure some more experienced Growers will be able to guide you/us. I’ve never really tried to change a plant’s colors on purpose. Unless it did it on its own through genetics.


@Myfriendis410 is growing outside and GSCX I’m not sure what temperatures hes experiencing. I didn’t see any color changes when I last looked at his journal.


I’ll check his site out thanks for reply