Does yard soil need to be fertilized while plant is growing?

Hey everyone,

I plan on doing a ILGM LSD grow in soil from my yard. Will I need to fertilize while the plant is growing? The only amendments I plan on doing is adding perlite.

@Northernbuddy hi mate,nice to meet you, i have heard maybe get soil goin now a few weeks before planting to bake with some good soil amendments under a tarp or seperate area turning reguarly as i rekon your yard be fine but adding amendments is a must for such a long period of growing anything outdoors, perlite always a good idea too, and maybe get seedling bigger indoors now like a foot high under a cfl or something so bugs not smash it to death lol :slight_smile: is an old thing a farmer told me if a cow stops milking feed your grass,lol good luck mate :slight_smile:


Are you planning on planting directly into the ground or are you planning on using the soil from the yard in a container?

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I planned on going with a container. The soil I have in my yard seems to be very rich I was only going to add perlite. Here is an example of the turnips I grew last year in it. I’m just wondering if I can just do soil and perlite or if more would be needed.

Basically straight loam.

You’ll find out … Lol

Being in a container you’ll want to use a lot of perlite for air and drainage. Unlike the ground the pot has limited resources for the plant to use. In the ground there are no restrictions and the roots can seek out nutrients. In the container you will probably need to add nutrients to it.
What size container?

Can I just add amendments later in the process on the top? The container is 14-16” across the top.

Might as well experiment. Need something to mess with during lockdown lol.

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Yep you can do that

Seems like many have that same philosophy in this down time most have… lol dry too amendments are divers go to…lol stay healthy…