Does this super skunk look ready to harvest?


Hi guys, does this look ready for harvest, it’s only been flowering 6 weeks but most the pistils are dark!


The trichomes are what you want to judge your plant’s readiness to harvest. About 50% amber is what most are looking for. If you are a couch lock lover like me, I like about 80% amber. Makes me sleep like no medication I can try and I have used 5-6 different sleeping meds in the last three years and visited four sleep specialists. If you have Robert’s downloadable book (free) it will explain it more. Good Luck. Jerry


I think I see too many white pistils and so I’d say you have a week or maybe more, at least. And yes, check those trichomes.



Additional reading that gives you a lot of help: Harvesting, Drying And Curing Indoor Marijuana Plants in the Guides section of this web page.


Thanks guys, I have already ordered a digital microscope with wifi to look at the crystals but it is probably a couple of weeks away


I think you are aways to harvest, I would wait for the scope to come in to check. I like the couch lock too. Like TX lol. I do sleep a lot better if I wait till about 1/4 Amber tricombs rest are milky.


Tlkbear, I’m with Texman all the way on this one my friend. You git some good looking bud there mynfriend…



Only 6 weeks - more time - harvest when 80 of the “pistal’s” are amber/brown if you do not have a scope - If scope harvest when the trichomes color is cloudy/milky 100% as you can - this will get you the highest THC from your plant - Happy Harvest !!! Great looking plants !!! wish I was there for the harvest ( a cultivator’s X-mass)


yep few more weeks they look yummy tho


How are they looking now? I’d love to see updated pics


Will take pics tomorrow, digital microscope not arrived but I harvested the top half of plant and lowered light, and will give the rest another week and see if the lil buds in the middle grow a bit


Pics after top of plant harvested

Pic with magnifying glass app

Harvested bud


Hi I am new here this is my first grow outdoors white skunk auto
Do they look ready to harvest I have read all the knowledge but cant decide if it looks ok


Looks mostly cloudy but no amber. For many this is the sweet spot. Depends how much couch lock U want in your smoke. This would b a daytime go get em time to harvest. Sleep meds I would let go a little longer.

Good luck U r very close