Does this stuff go bad with age?

I’m mainly concerned with the Olivia’s gel, it’s pretty much full, the other stuff will use on my tomatoes

the gel is at least 25 years old and its been stored in a hot attic. I’ll probably buy new, but the damn thing is almost full, so I’m wondering if it’s still good


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Buy new (fresh) nutrients - short answer - not saying the old nutrients aren’t any good but their effecativiness is lessened
this way there will be NO questions !

Yeah I’m probably going to toss it…

let me ask you this, somebody said put the used dirt in a black plastic bag (I guess they mean the warm weather) put it outside for two weeks and it will clean & recharge itself

… is this true?


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Hummm… what do most people do with the dirt after a grow?

It’s filled with roots and stuff, I thought if you put it in the bag the roots my turn back into dirt and probably release whatever you know nitrogens or whatever, I don’t know much on chemistry

I’ve reused soil many times (in the eighties I was probably using topsoil from the big box stores), it’s been a very long time and I used Hydrophonics much more than dirt so I really don’t know …thanks for the info

Edit: I don’t mean I used the same soil many times over, but I’m sure I must have used the same soil more than once I kind of remember shaking the roots out and shaking the dirt into a bag to reuse…

I see my mistake … All this stuff is expensive and I was trying to save 20 bucks on a bottle of cloning gel… But because this stuff is so expensive I can’t cut corners or take risks trying to save 20 bucks or so… (I’m buying new)

In the mid-1980s I took the 4 foot fluorescent out of my laundry room, stuck some six inch pots in cat litter trays and used my aquarium air pump for my first grow… the whole thing only cost about 10 bucks :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Fundamentals aside, I still can’t believe how much things have changed in just 20 years