Does this seedling look ok?

It was a few days of waiting for the leaves to pop from the stem before I realized it still had half a seed hull on it.
I pulled that off about 36 hrs ago and I see a second set of leaves showing, but the stem looks to have some brown in it and some white fuzz/hair.
Am I good? Or should I not bother wasting time waiting and germinate a new seed?

Yours good, that baby is healthy

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What you are seeing IS what it’s supposed to be. White hairs are normal.
Suggest you use 9 oz clear plastic cups with drain holes, root progress can be monitored, as well as watching for mold. Put one one top of the other to keep humidity up…spray inside of top cup twice a day.
Once roots cover the inside of the cup like a spider web…transplant to final home.

Moving can still be done…no major root system yet so it’s easy.

Good Luck…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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Great! Thanks guys. Good tips! Although I will pass on the humidity dome. Good for clones but not for seedlings as I’ve read. Just increases the chances of mold.
I just used a small sterile (just peat and perlite) soil media so I’ll be transplanting as soon as the first true leaves really appear

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@AAA @tanlover442
How about now? Tipping over …

Stem looks stout, not sure why it’s bent. Light is directly above?

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Under an LED strip light, but also on top of a shelf also with a strip light… Seems unlikely but maybe it’s reachijg for multiple light sources?

Good to hear you think the stem looks stout.

Could it be from trying to avoid light or heat? I had the light running 700mA so less light running cooler… And boosted it to 1000mA so brighter and warmer

Woah Jesus the heat being put out by these strip lights is way way higher at the higher amps.
I’m moving this seedling back to my trusty fluorescent lamps



seedling is going for the sun. place directly under the light source.

perhaps it was near a window where REAL sunlight was coming in.?

I’m absolutely new to everything the least bit autos! Planted one of each in my auto pack and in jiffys mini greenhouse with peat pellets 3 days ago. I first started to see signs out of my white widow popping out last night and here it is with no indication from the others???

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I would get that light closer so it will quit stretching. The others will pop. The WWA just don’t play lol. Some of mine popped as early as the next day to. They just fast!

Good luck and welcome to ILGM!!!


Right on thanks bud

@Deece how’s it doing? I had a sour diesel that acted the same and just died while others in the same conditions thrived. Just curious.

The little shit just bends all over to get to a light source it’s only two days old do you think I should pot it? The other two pellets have a blueberry and ak 47 I haven’t seen anything from them yet

Looking way better!
My first seed didn’t germinate properly, I thought it was probably a fungal damping off thing. So I did this one in just peat/perlite (skipped the worm castings) which was my first time starting in a nutrient free potting mix.
It wasn’t long before the first set of true leaves started to look pale green from lack of nutrients so I’ve up potted it.
I think the heat was the main problem as I had it too close to the led strip, but as @tanlover442 said above, being on a shelf with lighting below it may have been a factor.

If I were you I would pot it, deep. And give it and the other two some better light.

Right on I was thinking along those lines and you confirmed it thank you!