Does this seedling look dead?


This amnesia haze auto is 9 days old. I started it in a “root riot” in a solo cup till it sprouted and grew some root then I planted it in coco. It hasn’t changed at all in days, looks exactly the same. I think it was exposed to too much heat the last day in the solo cup. Should I just pull it and try again?


No!!! She looks fine! Cover up those roots and just continue misting the top soil, maybe a cup worth. She is establishing roots and it might not look like anything is happening up top, but the Magic’s happening in the medium right now. She is green. She is alive and really doesn’t look too bad IMHO


Looks fine to me. @MattyBear is right, all the action is taking place underground.


I can see the leaf looks a bit scorched, but don’t give up on her…give her a chance.


Thanks for the quick response! Looking closely I do see a very small change. Sadly I killed my last seedling due to overwatering and was hoping I didn’t have another dead one. Just raised my cfl bulb a little too. Only start em under cfls.


Hi @D-Tron, welcome to the forum! I agree with the others she looks fine! I suggest you put a dome over her to hold in moisture & raise the temperature. They like a very high RH, 80% or so, when they 1st start for a couple of weeks.

Sorry quick edit, just smoked & forgot to say that I use the cutout bottom of a 2l bottle for a dome…



The humidity is high here right now but I’ll put the dome on anyway to raise the RH some more.



They love humidity at this time. Keep em domed & misted