Does this look strange? Besides being leggy. Was gonna use it for clones

Probably a lack of light, that’s the reason for the leggy growth.


Yea does it look hermaphroditey lol. I got scared

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You do appear to have some pre-flowering pistils, nothing to worry about, it just means that the plant is sexually mature and can be flipped to flower when you are ready.


Man you are the wizard Merlin44. Thank you my dude. I wad scared. Again a bag seed. It looked totally different with the pistils coming so early. This plant had issues. Took forever to sprout. Then the alleged thrips got this one also. So i pruned and sprayed and topped. So wasnt sure it was gonna make it. So i didnt give it the light it needed. I dont know if i should clone it or just grow it. Its def. Lanky


Do both, it is good practice for when you decide to purchase some great genetics.
Be sure to get enough light on the plant to make it worth growing.


A clone is a great idea. You never know when you will get that golden ticket of a plant.


Its a hermaphrodite. I knew it

Got a pic ?

No sry i tossed it.