Does this look right

So this is three weeks old today. I hear and read it’s like this because of it needing light. I planted this outside in small container pretty much as soon as it split the ground. It gets light from 6 in morning till about 4 in the afternoon. So I’m thinking it wasn’t light. This is my first grow and would like to know if there’s anything I could have done or need to do differently.

Is it getting direct sunlight? Because that internodal space is something… She’s growing like a bamboo plant. Definitely seems to be stretching for light.

Direct sun from six in morning till four in afternoon.
As this is my first grow I’m not completely concerned. Just looking for information for next grow.

What’s ur strain an water schedule

It’s been sitting here for the duration of it being outside.

I just got the seed from a friend of mine. He says northern light or OG KUSH. There was another one he mentioned but he wasn’t sure which it was. Only been watering when needed. Top inch or so moist but not dry. Someone did say genetics too. Looks pretty healthy apart from the lankiness.

It looks like she may be shaded pretty heavily on the house side. Is she completely shaded by 4?

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Yes. By 4 sun is over house.

That’s your problem. She’s getting less than 10 hours a day off good, direct, intense light.

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Bottom of garden it goes then. Thanx.

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Yeah, they’re light hogs. I basically run mine on an 18/6 schedule. I bring them in to go under lights as soon as the sunlight is shot, then stick them back out before I leave for work. My light timer is roughly set to come on 30 min after sun up so if I’m not up by then, they still get light, but if I am they get sun.


Once I move it. It’ll still be ok though right. Other than the stretching. What was once just a let’s see what happens. Now I’m like a mother with a new born. Lol.


She should be fine. You may have to support her when she flowers though. She’ll probably be top heavy.

If you decide to LST that spacing gives you plenty of room for tiedowns.

I think it’s going to need major support because you have it tied to something and below the tie it is very thin and weak.
You should place something that can accommodate a loose tie towards the top and not the bottom. Keeping it loose so plant can sway but not fall over and that will make it thicken up at the bottom.


What strain is she?
Oops og kush or nl. Got it.
I have a cannalupe haze that’s stretched like that.

But it’s probably direct sun light issue. My plants only get 6 hrs of direct.

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