Does this look ready

this is my 2nd grow wwa. I’m ready to dry! 14 weeks from seed 20180205_141231|281x500

Pic didn’t work my friend.


Nice buds @Srsloman, as far as ready, I am on my first grow (9 days in), I don’t know what “ready” might look like just yet but they look very nice to me. Some of the experienced folks will certainly know. I hope that my first effort looks half as good as your current crop. :+1::cowboy_hat_face:
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I want to venture into other strains, but sooo many to choose from. any suggestions appreciated

@Srsloman, Again I don’t know the answer with regard strains. I am just starting my first grow, White Widow and Gold Leaf feminized photos. I look forward to seeing the answers that come back from the experienced folks. I too would like to branch out after I get a couple two or three grows under my belt.:leaves::cowboy_hat_face:

The pistils look about the right color, but with out seeing the trichomes, it is hard to say…


@Srsloman, How long have they been in flower mode? How do the Trichromes look, Clear, Cloudy or milky or amber? These are a couple things you need to look at. Do you have a 60 X to 100 X magnifying device to look for amber colored trichrome. ?

6 weeks in flower. trichomes are cloudy

@Srsloman, What strain?

For an all around tour of different generics; Try the “fruity Pack”. Bluberry, Strawberry Kush, and Pineapple Haze. All 3 are great and you can taste the quality during the 1st puff…:slight_smile:


@Srsloman. They can take a week or two for them to start turning to amber

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white widow auto

Oh…auto… I’m not privy to the auto times actually. @Donaldj is the “king of Growing” knowledge. Lets see if he’s in. I’m still sure the trichrome need to be an amber color though. Do you have a Jewelers loop? I saw a past post of @Hogmaster describing his experience with WW Autos. He would be the one to ask since he’s another one of the “Masters of Grow”.

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yes. none I’ve seen are amber. my 1st harvest of wwa cut too early. definatly a nervous high. plus tho, I ain’t payin

@Srsloman, I would got to a discount store and purchase some type of magnifying device. That way you can tell for sure. The ones you cut early, what was the outcome? Did they not have a kick? I wonder if they would have had some other medicinal value other than fiber.

they definitely have a kick but makes me nervous

@Srsloman, I know what you mean. You put all this loving care and time into each plant and don’t want to mess up in the final hours. As you probably know, a lot of people will tell you different times for a perfect harvest. There are those that want a strong kick when smoking or those that look for a totally different feel or taste. I guess you could say it’s a personally preference. @Aquaponic_Dumme also had a good explanation but I don’t remember the thread title. Picture are good but in this case, close up pictures are even better.

Your definitely close imo
The best way to tell if your plant is ready is hu checking tricombes
I perfer 20% amber to 80% milky or cloudy
You need a loop or pocket scope to see the rest tricombe heads :+1:


Lol I don’t grow auto’s photos clones yes