Does this look normal and healthy


This is special kush#1 getting a jump start on the season before I put it outside. My question is it sprouted 3 days ago and the shell is still on it wondering if it is going to fall of or do I have to take it off. And does it look healthy to y’all. Thank you in advance for the advice.
Also I am using FFOF and I have a 19 watt LED grow light


If the shell has been on for three days then i would recommend trying to help it off with a tweezers, just be gentle and take your time. Don’t yank it off, if it doesn’t want to come off with a little pressure, then just leave it alone and try again tomorrow.


Okay thanks bud so far that’s the only one out of four to push through


I just had to pop one off of one of mine. I would follow @raustin directions but I would mist the shell lightly to keep it soft. Good luck with your grow!




Has got you covered…thank you my friend



It’s still on it is still being stubborn I’ll just keep lightly misting it. Also I moved it closer to the light hopefully this helps