Does this look like overwatering?

Hey everyone . Newb here , growing outdoors in Michigan , Blue Dream day 2 week 4 in flower growing fabric pots in organic super soil , compost tea once a week , coast of Maine organic lobster compost top feed and light feedings of roots organic terp tea bloom once every week and a half .
I’ve noticed in the past 3-4 days the middle of the plants large fan leaves are fading to light green / yellow . Bottom leaves look great and so does the top of the plant and all the colas . The temps have dropped to high 30’s low 40’s the past week at night. Does this appear to been over watered or look like something else? Should I pull the fading leaves or just leave them be ? Thanks in advance everyone


I would give them a drink then come back in a hour or so and they will be perked back up.:v: However I would be concerned about those low temps.

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In general, if you think you might be overwatering, then you probably are.

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I’m seeing some heavy nitrogen toxicity on the stalk with the yellowing leaves. You may have slowed your plant down a lil with excess nitrogen and then continued to water at the same rate, as it simultaneously got colder outside and the daylight hours got shorter, causing your plant to lose strength from lack of oxygen. If the yellow leaves have rigidity in their stems, and the leaves themselves feel contoured down instead of limp, then you might be overwatering. Depending on your soil composition, and how much compost it contains, it is possible to deprive the roots of oxygen and nutrients simultaneously with just too much water. Plants stuck in substrate that doesn’t allow them to breath develop chlorosis from the inability to access iron and other immobile nutrients that assist with photosynthesis and up taking nitrogen. Hmmm.

Here are your options in my mind-

  1. Overwatering. Likely because your other leaves aren’t angled up towards the sun, and they aren’t limp.

  2. Your plant is cannabalizing lower older leaves to push more nitrogen into your plant. Unlikely because you already have an abundance, and your yellow leaves aren’t hidden interior growth.

  3. Underwatering- just don’t water it and see if it gets sad. As long as you give it water right around when it gets weaker, you won’t cause any harm.

Solution- allow your plant to dry out till it asks you for water. When you do water, flush your plant, as you need to ditch some of your extra nitrogen anyways. Try not to water at night, because if it’s getting cold you can damage your roots and that’s when botrytis and pyth will find an opening to murder your root system. Water in the morning just as the sun is hitting your plants directly.


Oh and here is one of my blue dreams in a 200 gal pot.

Ohh side note- careful what you place your smart pots on top of. If your floor doesn’t allow your pot to drain, or if it holds moisture and doesn’t dry, it can lead to moisture issues. I would def recommend putting together just a small square out of 2 by 4s and filling it with rocks, like a cheap foundation, so your pots can never retain too much. The faster they dry out the faster they will grow


I have yet to over water but the temps went from 80’s during the days to mid to low 60’s and low 40’s at night , I think I may have been them used to needing more water then it needed this time . I don’t think I over watered but I was thinking I may have by seeing to droopy leaves . Thank you for the response , I really appreciate it !!


It’s for sure the cold temps, mine look similar and it’s cold as shit at night

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Thank you so much for all the info !! I really appreciate it ! Damn that’s one monster Blue Dream , gorgeous :heart_eyes:. What soil are you using ?

Also, watering in the morning with room temp water will help warm the soil. Cover the soil with straw to insulate the roots


I make my own custom soil mixture loosely based off a local favorite recipe. It drains well, and can take a plant from clone to 5 lbs with very minimal nutrients. You can get away with just top dressing 2 cups of amendment mixture once a month and then adding a water soluable primary phosphorus bloom nutrient in the last 4 weeks. If you want the recipe, go to the outdoor -> soil amendment section, and view the “Ancient Wiseman Soil Recipe” post. It’ll have the complete list for you. It may only be cost effective tho if you are making at least 2000+ gal of soil, cuz the bulk bags of soil stuff are cheap

Here is what the quality will look like, this is a Wedding Crasher phenotype-


Hello does anyone here know if this plant is thirsty or overwatered? It is very hard to tell it is a purple haze feminized.


It’s hard to say from this pic the best way to tell is to have it dry lift it and then after watering lift it to see how it will weigh once u get the feel for it u will know when it needs watering @John93

Welcome to the community. Yep what he ^^ said and trim any leaves that touch the soil so you don’t get a bacteria issue. :+1::v:

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