Does this look like a problem?

Idk maybe is nothing but my leaves are very deep green and the veins are very thick? Never seen her like this before im in motherearth coco coir with 30% perlite and using tps one as well as liquid kelp ph at 6.2? Tent is rather in good standings with 50 to 60% humdity and spider farmer sf-4000 at 50% hanging around 24 inchs above canopy? Thank you in advance for yall help! She recently just bounce back from a nitrogen deficiency i assumed and changed up feeding so what you see brown and dead has been going on the new growth is what im confused on


Lil calmag will fix that up !

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@yoshi what deficiency is this thou? Im assuiminh calcuim or magnesium since you recommend but which one is it for my understanding lol and where is @Pet_de_Chien or @Borderryan22 been minute since ive been on here? Yall wanna see what if ive learned so far lol

General observations. No deficiencies of note, maybe some borderline overfeeds, but looks like you balanced up, changes don’t show overnight. What are your ppms/pH in and out. Good luck with the advice you summoned.


Ph in coco at 6.2 ph run off was about 6.4 and humidity stay at around 50 to 60 % and thank you good to hear from you again! @Pet_de_Chien

Your ph at 6.2 is a little high for coco. 5.6 -5.8 is ideal


Coco happy-land is 5.8, I float from 5.7 to 6.1 and dont worry. RH is good for veg…but its a VPD thing so its variable. VPD Chart


@Pet_de_Chien im not able to tell what leaf temps are yet lol and okay next watering ill water in happy land i was going on the tps nute bottle i know i have a lil bit of nute burn so next watering i will reduce feed as well still learning but with all yall have taught me had paid off very slowly

Generically if you have a circulation fan on the girls assume 2-3deg leaf temps cooler from evap. for vpd…
When in doubt, a pH’d water only, collect runoff-test, decision is always a safe decision.


I also used epson salt for magnesium at 1 tablespoon for gal of water and liquid kelp @Pet_de_Chien does this indicate the things i have showing?

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Tablespoon is on the heavy side… Too much mag can lead to calcium/nitrogen/phos issues(look up nutrient antagonist chart)…The Jacks regimen is 1.2gms that about half a teaspoon. There are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon.

Tablespoon is 15ml in liquid, you’ll have to look up or weigh the dry granules.

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@Pet_de_Chien when you ph you water at 5.8 does the microbes still thrive?

Depends on your temperture of the grow space ? To cool no , tropical yes hot and humid not so much !

Yes, 5.8 is fine. up to 7ish
5.0 is Coffee.

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@Pet_de_Chien i have a question i recently checked my runoff and it over 4000ppm i flushed all my plants down to right at under 1000 ppm? Why is the ppm so high when im only watering with a ppm of 600 to 700? And im watering to about 10% runoff and some had maybe 20% runoff

@Borderryan22 also would like your adivice as well?

It is residual feed that the plant is not using, water is being taken up or evaporated and salts left behind become concentrated. So in this scenario they build up over time. Water to have more runoff, this will flush the higher ppm out for a while(flush is usually inevitable) or lower your PPM and the build up will be slower. The balance point your going for is the plant begins to consume at a rate closer to your feed ppm. It’s pretty normal really, its staying on top of it, which you seem to be doing. Try to water to a 20% as your minimum and see how they fare.

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Do you think i need to perform another flush if some plants still have a high reading of 4000? How often are you soppused to flush coco? How often to flush in flower? Its very diffucult to flush with the scrog net install i like to take plant out of tent and just flush into bath tub how do you manage and how often? @Pet_de_Chien

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I would flush them or at least give the plants a good look over, looking for signs of burn, and water with pH’d water and cal/mag only. I’d do this for a day or two until I was in the 1000-1500ppm range. I would then adjust my feed to a lower ppm and add a water only day in between the feedings until I found the balance point. Does this make sense.
Analogy this is not how it actually works but easy concept: So if day one you feed 700, the plant eats 200 and all the water you are left with 500ppm in concentrated salts. You feed day 2 with 700 and now your coco look s like 700 at the top, 1000 in the middle and 1200 at the bottom. NOw if the plant eats 200 again and all the water… You see generically how this adds up quick to a toxicity.

I don’t flush my coco, unless I encounter what you saw and did. So kudos to you. I don’t use scrog nets for 20 yrs now, I love them, but hate them for that very reason. I try to train for what I call a screenless scrog. I have a floor drain in my basement, so I can just rinse to waste when i need to, or use a plant tray and collect the runoff it with a big syringe.


When the watering/feeding schedule gets a little more dialed in, feeding is like taking your mix, and replacing what is in the soil with it. Runoff to 20% or more is kind of a method that helps keep the nutrients in the soil in check. Waterings help some in rinsing away excess, too, but if there isn’t enough runoff, then the buildup begins. That’s where the flushing agents come in. Water only breaks down the nutrients so much.

As far as how often you flush Coco, it’s really up to the grower, what they’re using, and how they’re using it. I ran Coco and Jack’s my last grow and only flushed one time with a few gallons of water. I’m doing a FF soil run now, but have my schedule setup with them so that I shouldn’t need to flush, and only have to feed for a couple weeks in flower.

I hope some of that made sense, I just got up and made a bunch of concentrate last night and am still high from it :woozy_face: