Does this look like a problem? Leaves looking weird

I decided for my most recent grow to copy Mr Canuck Grows from Youtube.

Autoflowers from various seed banks.
Indoor, 2x4 grow tent.
Medium: ~75% canna coco (buffered), ~25% worm castings + a bit of perlite thrown in.
Nutes: 3tbs/gallon of medium. Added 70% gaea green 4-4-4 & 30% gaea green 2-8-4
Source water: tap, ~7.1pH, <100ppm
Lighting: LED, 1x200W, 1x100W
Watering: pH’d then watered every 1.5 days
Plants sprouted between Nov. 15 & Nov. 17

Originally I was ph’ing water to 6.5-6.8 per the video directions. I was getting some spotting so someone suggested because it’s coco pH needs to be 5.5-6.0 so I started doing that 4 days ago. leaning more towards 5.5. I also started adding a cal mag solution to the water as I read that even with buffered coco cal mag deficiencies are still possible. Now I’m seeing some leaf curling on a few plants. Today I adjusted my light up to near the top of the tent in case I’m burning them. previously I had been 18-24".

I also thought it might be over-watering but I read that you can’t really over-water in coco and you should never let it dry out completely.

LST on all 4 done over the last 4 days.

At around 5 weeks I intend to top dress with 2tbs/gallon medium of 50/50 gaea green nutes + 4tbs/gallon worm castings.

Can anyone comment in these photos? Am I on the right track trying to fix this, or is there even a problem?


Jack Herer

Girl Scout Cookies


Moby Dick

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Welcome to ILGM forum. Looking healthy to me :+1:

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Thanks! The leaf “claw” look on the jack herer is what’s concerning me most right now.

I see what you’re talking about. Could be some light or heat stress or just some genetics. Keep a eye on her :+1:


If ya haven’t given this a read it will help alot…

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Worm castings will buffer coco to a higher PH than as stated: I’m not a fan at all of adding anything other than perlite to coco. What you have created is an N-heavy medium not buffered for the addition of partial nutrients. What you have is crappy soil that will be hard to get a good nutrient mix to your plants without issues.

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Thanks so much for sharing that! My guess is I’ve been burning them with light being too close. I’ve now adjusted the height so I am getting 30-35 DLI.

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You are not in coco. You are using coco in your soil. I use 4 parts coco to 1 part composted manure/worm castings and 1 part perlite. I treat it like soil. My water goes in at 7ish pH.

Big fan. I think he runs his grow at 6.5 pH.

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Interesting, thanks for the input. have you seen Mr. Canuck Grows on youtube? His plants are impressive so that’s why I thought I’d give his method a try.

I’ve pH’d the run off and it’s only .1 or .2 higher than what goes in.

Any suggestions on what to do going forward with this set up? This is my 2nd grow indoors, 1st time with coco of any kind. I’ve gown outdoors a few times, with various different soil mixes. Still trying to find the one I want to use going forward.

6.5-6.8 is what his videos say, but after seeing what some people thought could be pH lock, and others saying it was crazy to run that high in coco (I explained my mix to them) it was suggested I go for 5.5-6.0 for pH range so I’ve been doing that for the last 3 waterings, along with the cal mag adder.

I used Miracle Grow for my first grow so it’s all a learning experience. You can grow in that mix but just be aware your worm castings are a rich source of N and adjust your supplements accordingly. If you see dark green, narrow leaves and clawing you can adjust as needed. In future I would suggest running just coco/perlite and supplement. Coco will actually outperform soil in growth and yield.

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The clawing or was it something else?

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Ok thanks. All I am doing is adding water. There is no way for me to “adjust” supplements. Nutes were mixed in with the medium and then it gets a dry amendment around 5 weeks, and possible again. I have to look at his videos again, I can’t remember lol.

Also, how do you do quotes in this forum?

FYI it seems I’ve hit my maximum posts as a new user. Will be back in 22 hours!

@oldmarine There was some spotting on the leaves and they were lighter in colour. The clawing is relatively new, just noticed in the last few days.

Highlight what you want quoted. Like copy and paste. You’ll see the “QUOTE” prompt.


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On all plants?

Do you use mycorrhiza?

I follow Mr. Canucks’ recommendations. He started mixing worm castings to his coco because he was having problems with pH levels in his medium I believe. He’s also quite liberal with mycorrhiza.

He also doesn’t push the nutrients. He mixes the veg and bloom 50/50 for his vegging plants. He feeds at half strength.

Ask a question anywhere on the internet and you will get a multitude of answers. Some right. Some wrong. Ask about growing hemp and the answers can be overwhelming when you’re stressed enough already. You’ll get some good advice that is good for you and some good advice that is bad for you. Never be in a rush to change your grow. Especially when you have a good example that it works.

Adding the worm castings to your mix gives the microbes and bacteria a place to live and grow. N(itrogen) content in worm castings is between 1 and 2 with 0 P & K. That’s not enough for any “toxicity” issues. I’ve also started adding biochar. The Gaea Green he uses is cost prohibitive (shipping cost as much as the product), so I use Fox Farm’s Happy Frog dry amendments. Other than that, I grow exactly like Mr. Canuck.

I’ve been assured several times that I am doing it wrong (even though I’ve never solicited advice on any grow). My plants are “too green”. My pH is “too high”. I shouldn’t mist my plants. I shouldn’t defoliate.

I’ll just let my results speak for themselves.

Current White Widow mom plant. She’s a 7 month old from clone. Her mother was planted Oct '20.

Here’s a few of my outdoor plants from this year.

Here’s a mainlined Super Skunk I grew earlier this year.

I do alright.

I know you can’t reply today. Tag me in your post or I might miss it. Happy growing…


I’m back lol! So glad to have found someone who is actually using his methods successfully. I have a bunch of questions for you @oldmarine and I’ll answers yours here as well.

No, the gelato had spotting. Here is a photo of what I mean. Some people commented that this could be pH lockout and I also read somewhere that it could be cal mag deficiency so I started adding cal mag to the water and lowered the pH at the same time.

The gelato and jack herer both looked paler than maybe they should. here is a photo from around the same time, you can see what I mean.

No. I’ve seen him use it when transplanting to larger pots but I start and finish in the same pot. I’ve read all over the place the repotting autoflowers can really affect their growth/recovery. I believe he also starts and finishes in the same pot when growing autos.

How do you handle watering? I was told you can’t overwater coco and to never let it dry out completely but now that you’ve put it this way I wonder if I should be letting it dry out completely before watering again?

Here’s how things looked 2 days ago.

Appreciate any advice you can share!

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I mix mycorrhiza in my top dressing and my water sometimes. I think that and the fabric pots lead to phenomenal root growth.

How do these look? I think they’re doing ok. Stopped watering every day and only water when the pots are light and obviously dry (5G pots, watering with 2L per plant every 2-3 days). I’m still getting yellow tips on the 2 of them and I think it’s light burn. I’ve moved the lights as high as they’ll go but they’re now only 12" from the tallest bud. My tent is only 5’ high. Next one will be much higher to avoid this.

Was thinking of putting in some netting so I can send them sideways and not so close to the light. i don’t think it would be too stressful yet? They’ve been in full flower for just over a week.

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I see some yellow tipped leaves on your Jack Herer. Isn’t that a nutrient burn and possible PH lock out?
I’m new to growing but had that on my first grow and was just wondering what kind of issue that might be for future reference.