Does this look like a defficiency to you guys?

Looks like a healthy plant to me. What specifically are you concerned about?

Well earlier today it was really bright greenish yellow on all the new node spots then they kind of went back to normal when I sprayed them with vary slightly ph’d down filtered water

Like it was bad I only now gotta pic cause I’m able to shut the lights off

This is normal with new growth. Chlorophyll will fill in the darker green color as time passes.

Ohhh thats why, so is it fine to be aggressive on the training in the beginning does stressing the plant early have chances of producing a hermie on flower?

Yes, so long as it is a photoperiod plant. I wouldn’t get aggressive with it if it is an auto.

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It is an auto, why can’t u be as aggressive with autos?

Haha sorry for all the questions

Autos can be twitchy and you never know when they are going to flower. It’s best to let them do their thing on their own. They don’t generally take well to stress.

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Stressing your auto might cause it to stall growing while it heals. And if it decides to flower before it grows more you can have a tiny plant that will give a tiny harvest.

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I see so I could literally be in the process of training then bang flowering. I am going to have to adjust my methods next grow

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Get yourself some photo seeds. Then you can really rock ‘n’ roll.


I topped two of my blueberry autos at the 6 th node and it’s like it never happened they took off the next few days with no problems but I would not recommend doing so if they are not healthy plants

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