Does this look good?

Question from a fellow grower:

Seeds germinated in 2 days.
For the first few days, they were on a sunny windowsill, but the stems were growing too long so …
I transplanted them by planting them deeper to bury the stems (from your advice on website).

So, now they are outside, getting about 7 hours full sun and 13 hours of daylight.
They are 11 days old.
Temperatures here are about 18 C at night and 26 - 30 C+ daytime.

But the leaves don’t seem to be growing - no new leaf growth. I attached photos to see what you think.

I haven’t fertilized yet, and give them a small amount of water each evening. They are in a mix of seed raiser mix and potting mix, ph 7.

Does this look normal for their age and start in life?

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Them looks healthy but the stem is to long so you need to put something to sustain them (a stick will be a good Ideea)


Also, try to keep your soil pH at around 6.5. You can help those little girls by propping them up, as well as getting a nice, light steady breeze to blow over them for a few days (use a fan, if the air outside is too calm). Next time, before putting them outside, harden them off by making sure they have been toughened up by a fan.


Thanks for your advice so far. One has died, and I transplanted the other to a better soil and compost medium. When I looked at the root growth, it had hardly any at all. And the germination plug was sodden. Fingers crossed.

Too much water! Your sprouts need a couple of teaspoons a day and would really benefit from a clear dome on top to increase RH. Soaked roots will rot. You HAVE to provide aerated damp soil or they will not do well.


The tops are still facing up towards light so they want to grow