Does this look a little droopy

Ok get your mind out of the gutter

This is after a decent watering (not drowned but also not sprinkled) and a lot of light (18 hours or so my timer kind of sucks)

I’m not overly concerned since what little bit of droop I think I see could be caused by either or both of these things but I thought I’d get a consensus

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It’s not uncommon for cannabis to droop a bit after a watering. She should stand up proud again after 24 to 36 hours.


That’s what I was thinking

Thanks for the quick response

While I got your ear @MidwestGuy
Do the nodes spacing look good to you? I’m probably going to top/fim her and waiting patiently for the 5th & 6th nodes

Node spacing looks okay. If you want a more compact plant you can turn up or lower your light a bit. It doesn’t take a whole lot to change the characteristic of the plant. The 5th node is a good place to top. I have a plant that looks pretty similar to yours in terms of age an node spacing. The nodes had been too close for my taste. I raised the light by about a foot and it helped her stretch out some. I’ll probably lower it again at some point. I make continuous adjustments during veg and pour on all of the light I can during flowering.

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That’s exactly what happened to me

She was too compact so I raised light and lowered intensity (I know I know, don’t do things at the same time or you won’t know what things had an effect)

Now she looks nice to me, but I’m thinking a little less stretch might be good