Does this like like a gjrl boy

I dont know much about hermie plants other than what i read a saw months ago while researching. But htis caught my memory and attention.

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You would be looking for bananas to find a Hermie. Two buds isn’t enough to say. I know for a fact I’ve had a Hermie before. But I was never able to find the culprit.

I see no bananas in these pictures.
With how frosty they look I’m gonna adventure to say no as well. Plants will reduce trichome production in favor of growing seed if they get pollinated.

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Female. Budz mentioned hermies. Here’s what hermie “bananas” look like one you are well into flowering.

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Thanks im just paranoid always waiting for something bad to happen. Im going to keep my eye out for hermie. Read a horror story on hermie before i went to bed now i cant sleep going to stay woke for work fudge :joy:


I know i ask a gazillian questions but you guys made this possible it was just a pipe dream at first that turned serious, with yall help. Respect


Plants look good!