Does this Gold Leaf look Ok - or do I have a deficiency?

My gold leaf is much yellower than the other girls (all different strains). I’m not sure if this is a deficiency I need to take care of or where the gold in Gold leaf comes from. Lower leaves seem greener, upper leaves are more yellow.

I had an issue with my water a few weeks ago, but I think I fixed that and my other plants seem to recover well to that. Gold leaf is growing great otherwise.

Feeding 1/2 nutes, Heavy 16 line up, with RO water and Calmag added.
pH = 6.3
1.9 EC

LEC light bulb is 22" above tip of plants.


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I’m now wondering if this is excess Phosphorous. About 3 weeks back I gave a pretty large dose of ph-down to my resevoir to get it down to 5.8. This is what set me down the course of fixing my water source. That was largely resolves 1 week ago.

In your first post, you note that the pH is 6.3? But in you second you note that the rez is 5.8? If you are in a hydro set up, everything should be around 5.8. Otherwise you can get some nutrient lockout. Are the four plants in different reservoirs, perhaps the three that are not yellow have a better ph?

I don’t think the phosphoric acid or ammonia phosphate in pH down would cause an excess of phosphorus, I’ve never seen ph-down significantly impact ppms when I make my nutrient water for my coco-based soil. Others may know better though.

Top leaves yellow, bottom green may be an indication of iron, zinc or potassium deficiency, perhaps due to incorrect pH. Sensitivity to being too close to the light perhaps too.

So I pH down to 5.8 or so and then let it drift to 6.5 before adding more pH down. Now this is about 10ml of ph down every 3 days. But the Heavy16 nutes claim I don’t have to be to fickle about the pH once it set it the first time.

It’s the same res.

I don’t have a hydroponics set-up, so I’d be speculating on anything from here on out. But based on what limited review I have seen of posts from the ILGM forum, it shouldn’t be higher than 6.1 Here’s something I found on pH from someone who’s a leader on this site.

I don’t know about the nutrients you’re using but the range for hydro is 5.5 to 6.1 range with 5.8 being optimal. How big is your reservoir? Mine has been the same for a week or so.

6.5 is too high for hydro. As @DoobieNoobie said, 5.8 is optimal. I keep mine between 5.6 and 6.0

Well, my local hydrostore guy told me he thought she is hungry and I should up my nutrients.

I believe that pH is king, and strongly recommend keeping the pH in the hydroponic range. I don’t know much about testing ppms on hydroponic set up, but I think verifying ppms first, before throwing in more nutes, would be a good strategy. In my first grow, I assumed lack of nutes was the problem and kept loading up. After I was instructed to test my runoff, my ppms were 4000+, wildly over and ultimately, along with pH, the root of all my problems.

Any symptoms on the other three plants?

Good luck.

The other 3 plants look good.

I can’t really test the water run off because I’m growing in autopots. But I keep pretty good tabs on my pph and EC. Today’s batch was 998 ppm or 2.2 EC which seems high to me (who knows nothing) but the hydrostore guy said it was ok to go that high.


1000ppm isn’t too high - it really depends on the plants. Autoflowering plants need less, for example. I use a nute that recommends 1000+ ppms in the late veg and through flowering. However, I had some nute issues and ppm buildup at those levels. Right now I go 1/4 to a half in my coco grow. Trial and error. I watch the runoff ppms for build up now and lower or raise the dosage based on that.

I don’t know the autopot system. I found this, may help you. It seems that it can be set up soil-like or hydroponic-like.