Does this GGAF(49 day from planting) look like it is budding correctly?

This does not look like a giant cola compared to other pictures i have seen on here in grow journals. Dd it stretch to much before I raised dimmer up to 90% ? If it is not ok I would remove from crowded tent. It is also the tallest and only 10 inches from LED so I am sure that it is being pelted.

What strain, ILGM Gorilla Glue AF
-Age of plant 49 days from plant in ground
-Method: soil FFHF with FF trio as nuts
-Vessels: 2 gallon fabric pots
-PH and TDS of Water, PH every water the last few weeks has been 6.5-6.8
-PPM/TDS or EC 900 PPM on 700 scale
-Method used to measure pH and TDS Apera EC & pH 60 units
-Indoor or Outdoor indoor Grow tent - 2.3 X2.3X 5 feet Mars Hydro
-Light system LED, SF-2000@90% power
-Actual wattage draw of lights 175 from wall
-Current Light Schedule 20 on/4off
-Temps; Day, Night day averages Day 67-76, Night 70-73
-Humidity; Day 45_63 with Avg of 53 53 and night 45-51 with 49% Avg
-Ventilation system; , AC infinityT4 exhaust paired with S4 intake on same controller. Room it is pulling fresh air from is 72f and 35%RH
-AC, basement room is always ~

68-72F big dehumidifier has room at 40 %RH constant to help tent
-Co2; , No

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Looking good so far. I would drop to 18/6 since plants need a rest period. :+1::+1::+1:

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It stretched a good bit but not a disaster by a long shot. If it is getting too close to lights, just gently tie it down some (or supercrop if you want). Keep in mind that if you bend/tie it down it is going to turn and grow up again so leave enough room.

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Thanks. The stretching was due to me keeping lights low. Lesson learned.

Giant cola are often many smaller buds tightly packed together. I imagine those will grow larger and swell together by the end. A huge amount of a flowers final size is determined in the last few days of life. Mushies are kinda the same way, after the partial veil breaks they will double in size every 24 hrs

Good catch. It is getting to close to the SF-2000 light. I rearranged the hook setup today but I think I bending would help. How did you know it was getting close? Good intuition or the dimensions I gave in tent info?

My first clue…LOL :laughing:

Yep, and I thought you were clairvoyant. If I had a do over I would have not get a 63 inch tall tent. I am still shocked all 4 grow. The price of medical were I live is crazy high. I thought give it a try and am surprised how it is coming along. I think the first grow will always be special. I have relied on a lot of input here so thank you