Does this bud look ready?


Do you have something to look at the trichomes with, a jewelry loupe?


Does the bud I cut at 9 weeks look unripe?


I have binoculars I could use backwards it’s hard to get a picture but I’ll try


get this, it will help


Is this bud seeded?


It looks like it is starting to seed. Can you pop open the calyx. What is that white thing.


I harvested half of her today. That’s white thing is the stem. I popped open the calyx and there was a green ball/seed


Must have aMale, or one of your females hermied. Sorry to hear


Sorry to hear that. Make sure you remove the rest of the plant from the grow room. Also inspect your other plants for signs of a male. Or was that your only plant?


I only have 3 girls in my grown room. She was the only one to show signs of seeds. I took a nug off my other plant and no seeds what so ever. I’m hoping the hermie was inside the bud plant so my other girls didnt/wont get pollenated


I wanted to reveg her… should I reveg her and save her? Or let her finish or 12/12 and try to collect pollen. I really want this strain but she hermies what should I do :frowning:


You need to remove it from your grow room or it will pollinate the other three. If you want to save that strain then just grow out that plant in another room and harvest the seeds when they are ready. Don’t mess with revegging. I have never collected pollen so I don’t know what you should do. Let me tag someone who can help. @Usmcjojo Just do what he suggest.


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How far in flower are you